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Monday, November 7, 2011


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5 inches of staples -note the note to the surgeon.  My surgeons and doctors were wonderful, as was the entire staff of Nurses of all levels.  Wonderful people!  I'm also tough to feed so I must give the dietitians kudos as well for putting up with me.  I also cannot forget the terrific PT's who have worked to give me mobility from day one.

The shocking looking, collateral damage"Pond Scum" lower leg.  I'm not sure it's typical but it does heal PDQ.  You must take daily shots or wear pressure cuffs, to avoid deep clots forming, and the cuffs may do this.  I can't give myself shots. *shudders* I can watch when given a shot because I trained myself to do this over time, but not self inflicted.

Staples out on Halloween, steri-strips in place.  The staples were taken out by the Physical therapist but I found out from my Bro, who had this done several years ago, that he had to take his own out with the funny little tool pictured at the bottom.

This small tool is good for bending wire so instead of tossing it, since it was made to be tossed, I asked to keep it.  It will come in handy for jewelry making.  Waste not, Want not! 

I do feel that I should have done this sooner. I cannot wait to go hiking with my family again. The Fibro tried to flare but gave up or something. I'm happy!


  1. my "little surgery" (a deep lance, then washing (with sterile saline) and draining (sucking out the dead/infected tissue) was done bed side--and every member of my family asked "did you tape it for you-tube?" Its amazing how interested we all (as a culture) have become in medical proceedures.

    Your 'pond scum" looks tender (your inscision and scar are better looking than my inch/inch and half lance (which is still open--that is-- the edges haven't come together!--and draining 'gook'.

    Hope you are up and about and 150% better soon--sounds like (even if it doesn't look like!) you are well on your way.

  2. it really is amazing what the body can handle! YIKES...but thanks for sharing!
    also on the post above this one...in my humble opinion, I think #8 should be complete! hehe...off to look at that book...there is another one out there that has my attention, too. (can't think of the name right at the moment;)

  3. YIKES it right! But so glad to hear your recuperation is moving along well. Your photos brought on shudders, remembering my eldest Daughters accident and subsequent surgical rebuilding of all those joints back in the 90s.

    Still away trying to get somebody to do something for the younger daughter. She is suffering mightily, it has moved BEYOND her FM issues now. Fear and Frustration being our biggest issues these days.

  4. The pictures look painful but I'm optimistic that you'll be hiking again very soon. Heal fast!

  5. Well...as an OT all I can say is that it looks good. Perspective is everything. Love the top shot of you on your CPM machine. You'll be surprised at how fast your recovery will be. Just do your therapy!! ;-)

  6. Helen, I hope that your leg starts to heal up PDQ over the next several weeks. That sounds awful frankly, and harder to heal! Be well! I start out patient PT soon. You Tube eh? What a thought! And yes, Everything is getting on there isn't it? hahaha I bet there are a lot of surgeries that are filmed for teaching. The worst didn't get snaps, as it happened post op and too gruesome for family tv.

    PJ Oh yes, I must do the mice, they are tiny and cute. And, the book is thorough, lots of charts, so I set it aside to read when my brain gets back up to speed. lol And, I shared all those pictures just in case a reader might face this they would know what to expect. For instance, I never knew that would happen to the lower leg but it does get better a lot faster than can be imagined by looking at it. Yes, Yikes! hehe

    Karen, oddly the leg wasn't painful most of the time. That was the job of the knee and the PT bending it. Yikes! I can only imagine what your dear girl went through after an accident of that magnitude. Poor lady! And, I hope by now you have been able to get some help for your YDD. FB is no fun whatsoever when it flares you into outer space! Big Hugs!

    Magnusmog, thank you. My goal is to be hiking by summer with my DDs. I will start building back my hiking muscles this month, finally, starting by garden fork digging in the garden this winter season and going walk about, watching birds.

    Larjmarj, your encouraging words decided me on this course, since I'd waffled for several years. Thank you so much, and I promise to do all my PT and the exercises, too. I want the full range back in that knee, so I can hike and even climb a little, not much but a little. I'll respect my new knee.


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