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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Several Ways to say, "No Fishing"


I'm back on the big computer, where all the pictures are!

I've graduated to a cane half time. Freeeeeedooooommmmmm!

My brain can still not knit at anything but FrustrationX level, a full fit of pique being the result, so I just don't do it yet. I have made a list - however boring that is - of all the UFOs, as well as projects bought recently and needing to be knit up in the next few months. "Needing to be knit up" sounds like a job rather than a joy right now, and is like having a job, a job you do not want. But, to be honest, I really do want to knit all those things it's just that it's going to be slower than my usual glacial pace.

I will show you the multi colored leg and it's progress because, frankly, it bothered me more than did the semi-frankenstein scar.

A little advice here about knee replacement: If you are going to have this done, you should know that it looks horrible but it does heal up faster than anyone could imagine, and the lower leg is going to take a hit, too.

The new knee is working perfectly though it's a little weak. I haven't gotten my head around what is actually inside that joint yet, as I still envision actual bones, etc., still being there. I guess that's the way God wants it. We can't see all the stuff crawling around on our skin for much the same reason. It might drive us all stark raving mad to see those teeny bugs going about daily life and dying and giving birth with such abandon on what we claim as our own outer territory.
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  1. What is inside the joint is structure. not the original structure, (bone) but structure non the less. It's what is supposed to be there.

    If you live in a wood frame house and need to replace a major joist, or the sill, you put in steel. (if steel was a cheap and as convenient 50 years ago, your house wouldn't be made of wood at all.

    Its the most natural thing in the world to improve when a broken piece needs to replaced!

    (or course Air port security will be a PITA--but what do you care? You'll be able to kick ass (literaly as well as figuratively!)

  2. Thank you, Of troy. That makes perfect sense.

    I'm starting to adjust my mind a little. Before, when walking, all I could think about was those two big bones mashing into each other because I could feel it. Now I don't know what to imagine. But I'll go look at the joints on the web again and reprogram my head, lol.


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