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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Skinny on UCSD from "SD on the QT", by Walter Menchken, of the Reader

This is for my kid, who is attending the only other public university in California that could give UCSD a run for it's money.

The San Diego Reader has all sorts of great stuff going for it, as long as you can wade through all the ads as readily as you do when reading, say, the Union Tribune, which delights in using color on most all the ads and not on things like a prize rose or tomato. You've got to love the UT. The ONLY thing I read in it are the comics:

as well as a few features like the Horoscopes and Dear Abby. I do like to read some year or two old news when we lay out the papers at ceramics. I feel like I can't really get PO'd about the slanted reporting this way. It's just a fun read when their failure to assemble and report on just the facts of the case has not resulted in what they predicted.

Anyway, back to UCSD and the latest faux news report from Walter. Enjoy!:

Oh yes, Be sure to keep Christmas in your Heart all year. lol


  1. I tried to reply to your comment on my blog, but the email (your blog title at gmail) keeps bouncing back.

  2. Well, darn that Goggle eyed Google. It's their fault because they connected two emails to each other though they made sure that never the twain shall meet! I never asked for the connection but got it anyway.

    Email really goes to zippikit AT gmail DOT com

    The nerve of some servers. :-[ grrr

  3. Ordinary ethical behavior is now "Moral Snootery"? Well I guess I'll have to remain a moral snoot!

  4. Hahahahaha! Isn't that a great new phrase? And, yes, I'll join you in the moral snoot category if I may? hehehe

    I love to read that column in the Reader. It's almost as good as The Onion. lol


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