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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Various things about daily life and only a little whining.

Beauty wrapped in sadness. I thought this would show the beautiful photo of footprints past a curb in Japan, but it didn't. It's still worth seeing even if you must click through.

Photography - Desktop Wallpaper - National Geographic Magazine
I've gotten behind in reading my favorite blogs, sadly. But I will catch up very soon!

Knee report: As luck would have it, I have been hit with a session of Gout, or maybe CPPD in The %#@*& Knee. This is not unheard of but it's not common. So here I sit, completely stalled out and spinning my wheels, with a knee elevated that is not as bad as it ought to be but there is NO truth whatsoever that knee replacement puts an end to gout - or CPP - for that matter. I didn't really believe it when told that by my PT, because it's a soft tissue problem. We got the bill though, yikes! I'm glad our portion is small.

So, many days of trying to entertain the brain have ensued. I've been watching Christmas movies (Muppet's Christmas Carol today), Netflix junk TV like "Whose Wedding is This" (so many of them about spoiled brides with first-world wedding angst!) and "Cake BOSS" - I love cakes, hate the bossy Boss. When I can fit it in, The knitting of the Baktus as reconnected me to the knitting world, and I'm reading the small backlog of "The Reader", plus also drinking copious cups of tea.

Weather report: For once, the Major (!!!!) Stuff that hit L.A. did not hit us. I'm sorry for L.A. County and all points East, but so glad that Central Coast wasn't hit as hard, nor were we. What a mess but it could have been much worse.

Back to the Muppets. Big hugs to any of you who got caught in that terrible wind storm!


  1. The footprints were all you said.
    Remember those thousands -years-old footprints in the shale, I think somewhere in the region of the Great Rift?

  2. ahhh, shucks I'm sorry for the setback...hopefully it heals fast! I've tried repeatedly to send an email and it just isn't going through and keep getting a 'failure mail' notice :( this is what I'm using so bah hum bug- Zippiknits@gmail.com (is that not correct?)

  3. I do, Anonymous. Were those Lucy or later? I found this magnificent article at GeoTimes:


    Aren't Paleontology & Anthropology just Amazing? I'm in love with both those sciences.

    Paula,these two ailments take their own sweet time to heal. I was so hoping the replacement meant an end to them, but alas...

    I am going to put the email in the About me widget. It's tricky this Google. I can sign in with zippiknits, but for others it has to be the other one. Google demands it that a way. Thanks for your patience, M'friend!!

  4. Ok, the email is correct now, it should work for all time.. or whatever. heehee


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