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Friday, December 9, 2011

Out and About, a little mundane knee maintenances

My sister was feeling a little below par, so we went to see her for a couple of hours of chat, Carol listening, and cuppas. Over the years she has gathered many pretty paper elements of Victorianna and used them for her Christmas decorations. Some of them are in the new header, so you can all enjoy them, too.

I'm starting to worry about my sister, as her windows of feeling good are diminishing, but she's a feisty lady. She did manage to re-paint her kitchen cabinets this past summer, one door at a time. She is amazing at pacing herself to get things done when she has a brief window of energy during any given day. Her hubby would take down and help her set up the doors on saw horses in the garage. He's good for the heavy lifting parts. She's got our mother's touch at home repairs, gardening and making do.

When I see what my sister can accomplish with only being able to work for short periods, over time, I think of Fran's Ten Minute Rule. Fran was such an Angel in life, I think she is definitely an Angel who watches over this entire Planet Earth.

The new white tree to replace the old stick tree (the one that turned up it's toes last year )arrived on Wednesday but we haven't had the time to unpack it. I'm so excited about this new tree but we have had to wait. It's not a stick tree but a Spruce so we'll see how that plays out in the world of Fake Trees. I'm not that good at waiting for anything that has to do with Christmas. I want it up so I can start to decorated now!

It's been a busy week so far, with two luncheons - back to back - for our two clubs. After being under almost house arrest for so many weeks it was terrific to get out and see old friends, and to share a meal with them. The Rockhound club met at Marie Callendar's and I like that a lot. It was all decorated for the Holidays and is such a pretty place anyway. I ordered cob salad and my favorite holiday pie, pecan pie. Also, one of the members makes table decorations, two of which I was lucky enough to receive to take home. Pictures coming up..

Rough and tumble snow man from a paint roller

Tree Ornament or candy dish. Your wish is it's command

Flower pot Angel from a few years ago

The ceramics club met for Chinese buffet at one of our favorite haunts, I had some delicious sweet bean balls rolled in sesame seeds as well as the usual egg rolls and other tasty favorites, and we all talked a lot about everything but ceramics. Along with me there were four other people using canes, but the Rockhounds have bragging rights to the Cane Club title, with at least seven hopping around on canes. Mine, I hope, is temporary.

The balky knee, being a bad boy since Thanksgiving, has not given over yet. But it better toughen up because there are cookies to be baked! I plan on making Cranberry Pecan, Jam Thump prints, and I hope there is time for some Kiss Kookies. I'm just doing the simple stuff this year but it still will require some standing, which the bratty knee doesn't seem to like any better than anything else besides bed rest. I'll just have to whip it into shape over the next few weeks, eh?

Baktus is gathering steam and is with in a hair's width of being half way done.  The yarn weight was actually a whopping  124 grams, and the scale is fine, there was just something else going on that day of the first weigh in.  So, I've been able to make the shawl just a little longer before the decreases.  I'm really pleased at how it's come out; simple though the pattern is, the lovely yarn was the right thing to use.  I may end up giving this little beauty to one of my green eyed DDs.  :-)

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas.  And if you celebrate something else, like Kwanza or Chanukah, I wish you Peace and Blessings upon your lives and homes and families as well.

I'll post some pictures of the new tree when it's up and decorated.  We are going to put the green tree up, too.  Why not I say!  What can it hurt?   :+)

Take care, drive carefully, and enjoy the beauty of the Season and all the beauties of Nature when and where they cross your paths.


  1. I will! since it does seem like I will be on the road Christmas day! What a full posting! Love the clubs enjoying nice meals-'cane clubs'! So, inquiring minds would love to know 'how' you make your beautiful headers? Love the Christmas decorations! It's very trying when you worry about a family member for sure!

  2. Yes,it is hard to be so worried about that, and I know you know this first hand. So, big BIG hugs to you, and safe travels. I will be thinking of you on Christmas day.


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