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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3rd Rock from the Sun, The Next Generation.

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Knitting ... there is none. But there is a LARGE search going on for less boring sock yarns!


  1. Oh--but I understand YOU'VE found some!(less boring sock yarns)

    I love the LB sock ease (and Yes, I have their orange, too, (both--though neither are a bright simple orange, more pumpkin (they call it circus peanut(solid) and red hots (stripes)-In fact I have every color of the LB collections but for the lemon yellow!

    The skeins are big (438 yds) the colors are a nice mix--(i'd like a brighter blue, Sno-cone is more a prussian blue than anything else) and they are a good value (Locally Michaels carries the yarn, and while they list for $10.50 (not a bad price at all) they can be frequently found on sale--or purchased with a coupon--and bought for $7 or $8--(a good value price I think!)

    Knit Picks (i have a few of their sock yarns) is another good source for value yarns--and some nice colorways, too.

    I find its never a problem to find sock yarns I like--(knitting them up faster than I buy them, that's the problem!)
    and when ever I am at a loss--there is always kool ade or food coloring--and a range of home dyed colors to play with! I clean my floors (walking a round with only sock and no shoes) and rarely knit white socks--but white sock yarn--I buy all the time...

    The home dyed colors don't always come out as i hoped--(and my finger end up chromatic!)but I love the fun of dying my own sock yarns.

    1. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. :-)
      Unfortunately I can't find my best sock yarns, the ones put into my Ravelry list, well, some of them anyway.

      Sock yarns can be discontinued, too, I found out. Plymouth yarns did that with one of their brands that I really loved- so long ago that can't remember now what it was. And that puts the pressure on to buy them while they still exist. Sort of like a, "that fabric is so unique, I better get three yards now while it's here!" syndrome.

      Micheals and/or Jo Annes may be carrying a few colors of Lion brand SockEze. I'll have to check again in stores here. Thank you; that's a great suggestion!

      Have you seen the sock artists group in Ravelry? I read that one and am very inspired. This Summer, well Fall actually, I'll have everything in place to set up a dye station for the blanks I have. I'm crocheting two skeins - over time to save my hands- having bought a blank and two skeins of un-dyed sock weight last year from Knit Picks. By Fall, I hope to have a big craft table clear to lay everything out where Wolfie can't tromp through it.


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