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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Three Months Today

Yesterday, I went back to exercise class. It wasn't too very hard a workout, very mild really, but today is payback day just the same. We all know about that and what it means. The leg hurts about as much as a nagging toothache. lol

Most of those I'd met there a year ago have moved on but there were lots of enthusiastic people and a good instructor who understands the limits of the over 55 crowd. My hip is a little sore but the knee is not quite so bad, yay! I'm not going to be using the pool, which is a disappointment, but I can't take the miasma of chlorine that is trapped in the air around that inside pool.

Thursday I went to see my sister for a few hours. She was just not feeling up to coming to spend the day here. I've been wanting to take her to the giant bead shop up the hill, but that will have to wait. I took along Jane's Hedgerow socks to knit.

After we left there we were supposed to go buy green-ware for the year. I've decided to try to make my own glazes, engobes and Crystal glazes, because I do know how to do all these things, and they are are over the top expensive!

Alas, I was so tired and stiff from sitting in a bad chair that we just came home.  A nearly three score and ten aged spine does not take kindly to hard chairs.   So it was the comfy chair for me and the little doggie, and we watched screaming brats turn into human beings while their parents learned to calm them down and act like Senior diplomats.  Who knew?

Today, Friday, which is now officially yesterday, (the clock struck midnight) the bike and the treadmill got a half hour each of my attention, and then it was off to the green ware sale!  I'll show you what I bought to tomorrow.  We found the cutest things! There were some tiny tortoises and "dwagons" coming out of eggs.  DH wanted that one.  Anyway, I'll have to start selling ceramics again if I'm not careful.

The knee still gets hot but it's doing great!  I have a very messy looking leg, it looks like it was skinned and then it all was put on again but I'm not into gams anyway.  At my age I just want them to get me from point A to point B with as little trouble as possible.

Oh and while we are on gross subjects, if you are bothered by those teensy black heads on your nose because the paper is printed with soy inks that love to get into your pores when you rub a tickling nose, just get some white glue, smear it on sort of thinly but not too thin, let it dry to clear, and peel it off.  If you keep after it, repeating several times and thena couple times a week thereafter, it's going to give you a nice smooth looking nose.  I used Aleene's because that's what I had.  And you all thought that craft glue was for wood, fabric, and paper! 

Yes, this is one of those weird late night posts that have absolutely no limits or structure and I do this without any sedative or liquor.  How's that for weird.?  And no, there is no knitting content AGAIN today.  But I got things moved in the studio and will be out there slogging away at my devils tomorrow even if it rains!  I love rain because it's the only time that good old Southern California is rank with green plants and the birds absolutely adore it.  Lots of tiny bugs to eat and itty bitty seeds.

Wolfie report:  He loves to come screaming around the house to launch himself at me across the gap of the sofa and the big comfy chair.  I've gotten very good at defending my knee from blunt force damage.  Hell, he weighs almost 16 pounds and is three times the size of Jasper.  The Wolfman can take rejection, he comes humbly back and flips over to pay obeisance to my Alpha femaleness, and then he's lots nicer and cuddly even.  I can see that he had to have been a somewhat  feral dog even when he was someone's pet!  I love him so much that I'd never hit him, just "push him in the face" when he gets too rambunctious.  We have slowly come to an understanding about how I am to be treated.

Flowers you may not have seen yet:

Flowers from Yesteryear
Weather Report:  We are getting some rain!  I hope that it's a good amount but not something like hit our poor Friends in Washington State.  In fact it was raining by morning.

Good night.  I really hope to find some yarns tomorrow in my excavations - to paraphrase Meff -  into the Ancient Zippi Civilizations.   It's been more fun than I thought it could be, though my archeological methods are not very scientific.  It's the layers you see.  I don't give a damn about the layers.

Nighty night!  Happy crafting and digging out!

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