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Saint Augustine

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yes, it's political but it's also Economic And, it's SAD!

On this page, not ripped down by RonPaul's incessant demands directed at YouTube about copyright infringement, there is the video below, which tells the tale of how JP Morgan is profiting off the hungry in America.

This bit of "Too Big To Fail" drama reminds me that Bank of America is doing all the direct deposit for disability payments made from the US Government Social Security Disability, unless that has changed in the last two months. Bank of America, who then issued debit cards to recipients? Was there a bid put out for this?

Or more to the point,who had their hands in the cookie jar at SSD? And, are the two reward events part of the "rescue package" promised for these two delinquents if one of them bought the flailing Bear Sterns (only to let them fail), and the other one bought Merrill Lynch.

Oh my it's such a tiny planet, and the brainy bunch has still not got the point of that asteroid belt out there in the missing planet's place, have they?

Knitting, well I added all the new items in the progress bars with 1% so that they will show.  The Ceramic pics will come on Tuesday because I don't have the energy to think about the future too far in advance.  Y' know?


  1. You know what is sad? I'm not surprised :/

  2. And now that I've heard bits and pieces of the reaction to the State of the Union speech, and of course the speech itself, I'm no longer sure any of them give a rat's a$$ about the middle class, or the poor, whom they always tend to write off anyway.


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