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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Progress Bars and digging the detritus discovery...

Z from ZKnits asked about the progress bars.

Z, I had to go out and get new ones when my old ones wouldn't work anymore.  And, much to my surprise, the same person had the HTML code for them, but he'd added HTML for making the bars themselves.  No more uploading a bar picture that had to be drawn in Paint.  Yippie I O!

HERE is the link to the progress bars and how to install them.  Very easy to follow.

You can change the color by looking at the widget for the code for colors.. Looks like # 123456 or something like that without the space, and go HERE for the HTML Color code, or pick from several others from an HTML color codes Google search,  and then grab the color code for the one that really turns you on.

Organizing:  I found two brand new sets of tank regulators in a box in the studio.  They are for my oxy/acetylene tanks.  I am amazed.  They must have been bought in a trip to Tucson.  They re-regulate the pressure so that a tiny torch can be used with bigger tanks.  Sigh.   I'm so over this.  I want two acres of weeds, a flock of angora goats to eat them, and with a small studio out on the corner of it, next to a horse pasture.  In other words, somewhere rural and sweet.

I'm working on it!  I have way too many baskets.  Time to gift them!  And...

New yarns for socks because frankly, some of those others were just plain boring.

Fortissima Colors .. check out Mexico!


  1. It's so difficult to get the right color of sock yarn! I find i buy beautiful colors (and have no clothes to match) or buy some ho hum colors (and wear the resulting socks all the time because the ho hum colors match everything!
    Last year my goal was more socks that matched clothes--(this years goal, weight loss) means all new cloths! So I will need all new socks.

    but wonderful colors are wonderful to knit--even it they don't match anything!

  2. Helen, I agree!

    When I find the rest of the sock yarn - all of it was moved when I reorganized last year - there will be even better choices. I can't even look at sock yarn anymore because I'd really better stop buying it. The skeins are so small and innocent that you can build up a pile of it in no time at all!

    Gratz on that weight loss. YayYou! I can tell you are excited about making more new garments, too! Way to go!


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