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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I haz Flowrz Thurzdayz

I've decided to have a Thursday flower day of previously unpublished (I hope) flower pictures.
West Side Farmer's Market - Santa Cruz

Farmer's Market - La Mesa
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Last night I watched a documentary from the late 70's, called,  "The Secret Life of Plants".  Stevie Wonder did the sound track for it.  It was a little campy and very 60's-70's but interesting.  The most interesting parts in the piece were time lapse films of flowers, how being out in the green of the Earth influences our moods, and the research into how plants react to harm - even in human thoughts - or to any deaths near them.  Plants can, apparently,  "read" human thoughts.

This is some serious science we are talking about.  There was a lot of money and effort being put into discovering a  "unifying principle" for all living things, and based on scientific method.  Because it's so interesting, if there is anything newer to be learned about this on the web or anywhere, I'll find it.

This principle would explain a  lot of anxiety in the world because if plants can sense evil intent in thoughts from humans, and get anxious or seem to exhibit anxiety, then humans definitely can.  We have not developed the senses we have to any great degree, or they are still  there and we don't attribute the feelings to the right events.   Something has to be wrong in our cognitive awareness if this is so.  We have, over millennia, simply suppressed the ability to correctly read and interpret the signals.

Today I am going to visit with my sister.  We've been planning to collaborate in making Comfort dolls for some time now, and we need to plan it out.  Since I'm still having trouble staying with even fairly simple knitting patterns (no matter how much I try), I'm hoping that sewing for a while will help.  The little dolls can be very beautiful, and they are actually sometimes works of art.  This is where we are planning to take these to, the very edge of art.  I wanted to make them ceramic faces but that might make them too fragile.  The women they will go to don't need a doll whose face can be broken.   I'll be taking out the quilt to sew, too. 

Yesterday at the gym, I got to try to balance on a half ball.   I think I'll save that for later.  My knee's a little tender this morning.  It's been hard to figure out what to do about getting it stronger as both my internist and surgeonhave "nixed" even moderate aerobics at this time.  What's a Jock to do?!? 

Enjoy the arrival of Spring.. it's on the way!

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