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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you live in California and you love animals..

Governor Brown's new proposal is to give shelter animals only 72 hours to live - providing they are well, and that the sick or injured ones will receive no Vet care at all in shelters.  Presumably they will be put down immediately.

I sent a letter to Governor Brown, but at the end of the post is a link for you to use to help in this fight.  And, I really think it will be a fight.

In part, this is what I said:

"If the lovely little dog we adopted had fallen under this rule, he would never have been a rescue; he would have been killed right away; he would be dead. 

He was very sick when brought in, a little abandoned dog who had endured God only knows how much trauma - tail broken in two places, two broken ribs, hair and fur almost gone from a flea allergy and a skin infection, and he was severely underweight.  He was starving to death.

But the kind people at the shelter had a chance to start him on the road to recovery, and our own vet, when we called her from the shelter to tell her about the dog that became our Wolfie, said, 'We can fix all that!'.  You should see this wonderful dog today!    Please don't do this thing you are planning!  Please do not repeal the laws that have become a model for humane treatment of animals at shelters!"

Californians, please use the link below to make your voices heard for animals.  
It only takes a minute. Click here to take action» Thanks for helping save animals! The link goes to The Humane Society's Action page.

The little lives you help save could be ones like Wolfie's.  Thank you for reading this far.

Wolfie with his poppa

Wolfie, relaxing in his car harness.  He loves to ride in the car.


  1. This is heartbreaking. Both of my dogs are 'second chance' dogs--both were transferred to a shelter from other shelters where their time had run out. In fact, Pilot came from a shelter in LA. Three days isn't long enough by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Three days. Roxy has done her time at the pound, long before I knew her. I wonder if she was rescued so quickly.

  3. Sorry this got lost in my own fog bank. Sigh... Thank you both for your wonderful replies.


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