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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skywatcher, DROPS Knitted Cupcakes, Save the Birds, Green Valentine's, Casting on Stuff Day

We are going to get some showers today.  Yay!

There was a beautiful sky yesterday and it followed us home from Torrey Pines.  The stormy weather gives me migraines but I love rain anyway! 

From Green Hospital parking lot

To Kearney Mesa

These clouds followed us almost all the way home.
DROPS design put up Cupcake patterns for Valentine's Day!  Sweet!  There are other cute things in that collection, too.

NRDC has Sweet Valentine's cards for green gifts, ten bucks a pop. I like them all but especially this little bird.  It's a Yellow Warbler (Yay Cornell Bird Blog!) but there is an even more endangered bird that summers in the boreal forest - an Olive sided Flycatcher.

Be My Lovebird! | NRDC Green Gifts   Very Cute!

This Blog , by Dr.Jeff Wells, Senior Scientist for the Boreal Songbird Initiative, tells more about the area and the problems it faces.  sine this area is of vital importance as a nesting site for North American Birds, Americans need to pay attention to this, too.  So many birds are insectivores, gleaning gardens and farmlands from pests is their way of life.

Knitting Report:  January was a bust for knitting since it takes awhile to get your hair and, more importantly, your brain, to come back after major surgery.  Though this has been an easy recovery, thanks to everyone who prayed for me and sent good thoughts, I will be thinking long and hard about having another new knee.  I do like that the "New Hotness" is straight and lovely.  And, my surgeons and nurses where stellar!   Now, back to the point here!  I am casting on the Denmark socks, which should be beautiful and fun to knit, the short fingered gloves for DD2, and the short cardi for DD1.  Since the new bars went up, I have to show 5% even just for intention to knit.   God help me ( and lots of the time He does)  if I'd had to create all those bars myself. 

Stealth politics:  Rolling right along, here is a contender for the MOST PARANOID DISASTER HOAX during electioneering..  Thank GOD for the Daily Grist!

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