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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Updated: Ravelry and random thoughts

Unhappily, I changed my password, and then forgot some tiny detail of it, so now I can't sign in.  I'm not going to fix this anytime soon so don't look for me there, sorry.  They have sent me numerous links which never got to the designated email, and since it is a nice place but is indeed another time waster, I'll see if I can get along without it.  Not wanting to create a whole new account and thereby lose the old one, one which has some paid for PDF pattern links in it,  I'll just keep knitting my things and not updating them in Rav for now.

But, I did find out, in a search, that people have actually been BANNED from there?  I can't imagine what that would take, but I can imagine - quite easily - how hard it would be to get unbanned if you were ever banned.  It's hard enough to get them to send you a new link to regain access to your account there.

UPDATE.. I went to chat, and then got Sarah, who helped me get back in.. Yay!  I have access to my pdfs again.  SWEET!  Thank you Sarah at Ravelry!


  1. That must have been awful and how very brave of you to have persisted long enough to be allowed back in: I can imagine how fierce they were. I hope you got lots done in all the time that you saved while you were locked out :)

  2. Indeed I cleaned out, and organized the whole big room studio, and knit both sweaters! I believe that it was the thought of all those PDF's in there, crying out in fear, that sustained me.

    hahahaha! Helen, you are so droll! ;-)


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