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Monday, February 27, 2012

Knitting socks, Adoption, "Beat The Drum", the movie

Kim and Ellen both responded to a post HERE , and I had some thoughts about the importance of forever homes and foster parenting in the the great scheme of things for the other earthlings and sentient beings on this planet.

 Both Kim and Ellen have rescue dogs, as do I.  That started me to thinking how lucky and wonderful our fur babies are, and how hard it is to think about how close they must have all come to extinction before we found them.  This put them into the  lucky 50% of abandoned dogs, or cats, who find a home.

I hope you are reading here Governor Brown!

Activists oppose Brown's attempt to repeal longer holding periods for shelter animals - LA Daily News

When  I was younger and more spry, I wanted to rescue a dozen little dogs to train for the sort of act that goes to the fair every year and performs.  The incredible human being who takes them out of shelters and trains them for this show is an absolute Angel though he may not think he is, and that was something that I thought was a "right occupation"  for others, like clueless me, to emulate.

We feel like our dogs rescued us.  It was pretty bleak and lonely around here til Jazzie and Wolfie came and filled up a very big hole left in the empty nest.

Here's a link to Maddie's Fund, and information on how far we've come in no kill sheltering for animals.  Awesome way to have an impact on this, Dave and Cheryl Duffield!

Oh, knitting..I almost forgot?  I love this pattern - Jane's Hedgerows - and will knit them across the insteps in pattern this time. Usually I stop at the base of the leg, and knit the toe plain.   The sock pair is 25% finished.  That's the leg, so only two feet and another leg to go.   As soon as the rest of the progress bar pictures are located, I'll upload it.bars are located in their hiding place on another drive, the 25% bar can be inserted.


"Beat The Drum", have you seen it?  It is a beautifully told story of an orphaned nine year old boy called Musa, his journey into adulthood and into the city to find his uncle who has gone away to find work in Johannesburg. It's filmed, in part, in spectacular KwaZulu Natal, the homelands of the Zulu people.  The story begins in Zulu lands with the death of Musa's father, and moves to  Johannesburg and Soweto.  It is also the story of an orphanage made up of children survivors of families decimated by AIDS.  It is about a terrible disease but leaves you with a message of hope for the future, as people in township village and city face a new an powerful enemy of Life itself.   

 "Beat the Drum"


A quote from the Official Page:

"Learn how Beat the Drum inspired its producers to build a village that provides family-style housing, food, clothing, education and medical care for children orphaned by and living with HIV/AIDS in Kenya."

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