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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flowers- Scented Geranuim, Mysteries, and Naturalized Echeveria

Though true wild geranium is a Native American remedy for many ills, scented geranium is also praise worthy. Brewed in tea it's delicate flavor and scent is a treat for the senses. In South Africa the wild Pelargonium was used in much the same way.  I'm never too sure about the differences in these two plants but I do know some of them. 

Scented Geranium- smells like lemon flowers and flowers are good to eat in salads.  I eat a lot of stuff called weeds, too.

Flowers against a house in Santa Cruz.  The white flowering plant reminds me of Oleander, a bit.

Hillside (Cliff ) in Santa Cruz, of Naturalized Echeveria plants.  This was truly a lovely site ( meaning "place").

Today was a quiet day though I walked nearly a half mile and gave the knee a good work out. Yay! It's better now. Tomorrow I'll put on my boots and go hike out into the tall grass in the side yard, and have a look around for good places to let the torts come out to play. They love the garden now, when it's full of food plants for themselves and places to hide out. It's time for them to come out of hibernation.  They need to eat, and it's been pretty warm some of the days.  The winter weeds give them good things for their bodies.

My knitting .. pfffft!  It's terrible, I'm just not doing any.  I'd rather go tramp around in the garden and try to form it up in my mind as to how I want it to look, and what needs to be done.

Good night!  Sweet Dreams!  Wolfie is happy, DH is happy, and I'm doing A-OK.


  1. Sounds like your knee is shaping up just in tie for gardening season. It's still too cold here for anything but dreaming about gardening - I'm doing plenty of that!

  2. Yes, it is shaping up, that bionic part, and thanks. My knee is doing pretty well, on the national average. lol

    Isn't winter planning fun? Garden planning is one of the best winter "sports" that there is, even in this city with a 12 month growing season. I'm going looking for a good online plot designer today. I drew one plan a few years ago but that's obviously not going to happen, so it's time for another one. :-)


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