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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Talk by Dr. Nancy Klimas on the latest clinical Advances on ME/CFS

Click on the link underneath the Vimeo if you're having trouble loading this. I may just rework this to have ONLY a link so that it's easier to use, plus there are other links to more current talks. Information on this and it's connection to orthostatic intolerance is a big step to understanding just how this disease works.  Thanks to a forum in Ravelry, and thanks for reading ..

Dr Nancy Klimas on the latest clinical advances on ME/CFS from ME-CFSCommunity.com on Vimeo.

I want to keep track of this research, and I guess a blog post is the best way.  Of major importance to myself is that lack of aerobic exercise can lead to many many changes in the body up to and including a little something called orthostatic intolerance.  This is not something that can be taken lightly.  It's that crashing into walls when you stand up and try to walk out a doorway sort of thing.  I'm finding Dr. Klimas' talks to be very beneficial and enlightening.

I got a sock heel knit. Yay!  At ceramics today we had a great time, slapping glazes on the bisque and telling each other what to think of what this world is coming to.  The fearless leader brought jelly bellies and chocolate animal crackers to share.  We wrote our club name on the broom to keep it from being permanently borrowed by persons unknown, never to be returned.  After all, it's the little things that count, you know?  And it was cold today.. Brrr.   On hotter days I've had to endure the heater, and this day, when it was freezing, not a single person asked for the heat.  Why is that?   I feel like I'm living in another dimension from time to time.  The Cold Zone.

Oh and something of interest.  They've figured out how to make artificial cabbage.  I know not why! (it's not to be eaten- it's just for fun).  HERE'S a YouTube. It really does look like fun to make.  I think you could probably try this at home if you are not under 13. 

Real Cabbage at the West End Market, Santa Cruz.  Why would anyone want to fake it?
By the way, if you try to log out of YouTube whilst trying to work with YouTube inside of Blogger, Google's Giant arm will reach out and snatch you bald i.e., Google will keep setting up nagging little yellow windows asking you if you don't want to sign back into something you just signed out of.  Try it!  See how grabby and anal the great Google's gotten.  Next thing they will do is to send someone to your door at 1 am to ask you if you want to switch to Chrome as a browser.  Just watch.  That's the next thing coming. 


  1. I actually quite like Chrome as my browser. I did not know that The Great and Powerful Google would snatch me bald. That's a good thing to know the next time I need a haircut!

    Thanks for the tiny push in the right direction - I need some prodding to get back into my usual exercise routines. Once you stop it's always so hard to get back into the swing of things.

  2. Ellen, My money is on Two Cows, or is that the Gnu? Anyway, I bet that Google leaves you alone if you use Chrome. I'm thinking that it does this to people who don't. The reasoning is that if they make it hard on such a person, and they can, said person will switch rather than fight. hehe

    Ah yes exercise really is good, and walking is a very good form of it. I've noted that you've been walking and taking wonderful snaps of your new area. It looks wonderful in the winter, the trees especially.


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