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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flowers Linkie for Handmade Oriole feeder

Here's the link;

 Hang a Homemade Oriole Feeder

These cactus blossoms were bright in the early morning.  They also need a good weeding.  So far, the day lilies have not poked a stem up, and if they have died, I will be disappointed.  The torts cannot get through the chicken wire imprisonment but  that doesn't stop the devil grass!  It might be choking the life out of  the day lilies.  

This morning, before the sun was too high and hot

Yet another picture of the tiny pinks.  
I think it's time to plant something other than Pink flowers! The big cactus has not bloomed and it's utterly shocking that it hasn't.  I'm not very happy about it but there you go.  Nature takes care of itself, and knows best when left alone.  Meanwhile, I'm taking the tonsil extractors that I bought at Quartszite years ago, and pulling out those weeds trying to choke my cactus to death.  Ciou!  Have a Happy day. 

I had a yellow with tiny flowers but have no idea where it got to.  Maybe the big torts ate that one as well?  If you like your garden, don't get tortoises.  They can climb vertical walls up to 15 inches tall.  I kid you not!

one more edit!  Stupid me...  This is a cute picture of the LBD.  Little Black Dog.

Wolfie, in the flowers, little pink tongue out.  He's black and it's hot!  Poor little guy!


  1. The owlets are back again. Four eggs this year, all of which hatched, but only two of them are still alive. Nature does what nature does, but she breaks my heart sometimes.

  2. Sarah-Hope, I went to see the owlets. I hope that the other two make it. I'll go look again tomorrow and hope for the best. Thanks for that link!

    Karatheredhead, Wolfie is just an amazing little dog. His eyes are so deep and he loves to look into our eyes and speak volumes to us. I always wonder what his life was like before we got him. Someone loved that little dog, and then something very bad happened to him after that. What that was we will never know, but someone gave him a good start. But someone loved that puppy.


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