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Saint Augustine

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Knitting Information, Tips, and How-Tos from KR

Knitting Information, Tips, and How-Tos

Clara Parkes is pushing some buttons that really need to be pushed:  

"Life is too short. Pick a nearly done WIP and give it a boost to the finish line. Then pick one you know you'll never finish and do something else with it. Maybe turn it into a pillowcase or smaller accessory? You'll free up some energy and needles for something new."

Life IS too short.  I remember the half finished sweaters that made their way to the Salvation Army from time to time, ones that I found there, bought and re-cycled the yarn from.  I don't want one of mine to have that fate.

Two sweaters are close to having the entire body knit.  Those will be first on the list for finishing.  So, socks may be terribly fun, but the sweaters are going to be finished, by rounds if need be and definitely using Fran's 10 minute rule.  I was a sweater maker before, and so I shall be again.  No one needs my socks very much other than myself.

Gretchen is a Pi Shawl.  I want to finish the beautiful Gretchen but it's not made right in that center part, so I'll be taking it out and starting again.  Good summer project.

There was a terrible event in a town nearby, and no one knows exactly what happened.  It's made me edgy so I'm sure that there are lots of people feeling the way I do.  I'll be glad to go to the gym tomorrow and walk off some of the stress.

Lest we forget to do this:

In the wall surrounding the World Music Center in San Diego

Remember that we all share the mitochondrial material from ONE mother who was born over 200,000 years ago.  In Geological Time, that is barely a blink of an eye.   You can read about it HERE

Good night, May Peace by yours
And Love; may it fill your lives....
Well, yarn and fabric and colors, too!
Ok, food, really good stuff!
Music, Art and Poetry!
Tea and Sympathy! 

And, always, Sweet Dreams

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