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Saint Augustine

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Paton's baby blanket pattern, Saturday Komeekz, and Starry Lane Bakery

To HECK with the blanket, I want that Bebé!  I like the blanket enough to crochet it.  But I really do want one of those little Bebé!   Gorgeous Baby on a blanket

And the Saturday Komeekz:

Six Chix... It never disappoints!
This is how I feel when I eat my own breakfast, almost.

Friday was a short marathon.  First Fitness, where we discussed Socrates, and whether "Might makes Right" while I lifted puny weights with my puny pecs, then we went on to my sister's,stopping first at a brand new (well, November of last year) Vegan Bakery for cookies.  Yum!  Starry Lane Bakery.    Wowzer!  Vegan Delicious! It's a ♥♥♥♥♥  Five heart Bakery! 

Cookies: Linzer torte, Iced Star Sugar, Double Chocolate chip/ Oatmeal
The linzer torte cookie lost part of it's dusting in the bag.  The Macaroon, which you didn't get to see, melts in your mouth.  I ate it before I could immortalize it.  Lovely.

Then it was Home after a big BIG chin wag at the Pharmacy.  Computerized records, what can I say?!  I hope that a long standing problem of just years and years will finally be resolved.  DH got involved, and when we sat down to wait, he said, "Did I get enough attention?!?"   They called tonight, and I think this problem is over for good.  The two people involved, the prescribing doctor and the pharmacist just HAVE to talk to one another.  There is no way a computer can do this job, no matter how sophisticated it is made to be. 

Then DH made this calming plate of salad for our dinner:
Lovely BIG  Made at home Tuna Salad with dried cranberries and black olives
And then we relaxed into the comfy chairs after we swatted monsters for their feathers in a dungeon, to make arrows.  We love our clansman!   I'm not a true gamer, but I love this one particular little funny game.  They just need to add knitting to it, and it will be perfect because you can already spin yarn and weave cloth and bake apple pies and pizza!  What's not to like?

Have a great weekend!  I'll pray for more rain for us all.  Not too much rain, but enough. 

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