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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring garden doings, and Six months of steady progress on the knee. Long post

As promised, the Six Month Knee report:

Today marks 6 months since knee replacement, and just about a week ago I told DH that it finally felt like part of my body.  No longer a foreigner, but part of the family of multi-cellular beings that co-habitate, like interdependent villages, the interior under a human's skin.  We think of ourselves as whole and as "persons" but we are really inland oceans where billions of one celled creatures make deals with each other to keep things running properly.  No one cell collective or polyp is less important than any other.  Well, maybe that funny little pointed appendix is worthless.  But that may even have a reason for being resident at the end of the road where it is.  Maybe it collects odd bits when we are very young, and tucks them safely away to be remade into proper citizens within, say, a lung.

 I'll try to get a before and after picture of the "Old Busted" and the "New Hotness" up here in the morning.

Anyway, the metal and plastic of the new knee have been well plastered over with familiar building material,, and it now has the look and feel of home.  No more are the white cells becoming incensed by the presence of polymers they've never seen before or hard shiny metal where once was a crook knee part they pampered along.  This all means that they have stopped puffing up, and making very hot, the "stranger" in the midst of their small world.  Their screaming cries of, "What the hell IS that?",  have been replaced by, "Oh Sistaaaa!"

This is the next morning.  

Old Busted knee
October last year

After Surgery-very messy lower leg
(Not exactly) New..
lots straighter, lots ugly
 There's still a lot of scaring on the lower leg, from that uncommon, but not unknown, reaction I had to whatever, but the knee is sturdy and strong and that crooked leg is now a lot straighter.  Thank God for great surgeons and all the staff at Scripps Green!

So, what's new in the zoo for all of you?

We went to Starbucks and hauled home about 15 pounds of used coffee grounds for the composters.  Also, the roses are blooming like crazy and the gorgeous yellow Bearded Iris is up and displaying her dainty ruffles. Earlier, when we were driving out that day, a baby ground squirrel was being accosted by a fledgeling crow who wanted what baby ground squirrel had for breakfast.  What it had in it's tiny mouth looked an awful lot like dead leaves held together with something very unpleasant but it was enough to set the Crow tracking the semi-defenseless little rodent with an eye to stealing it's grotty meal.  Of  course I was rooting for the ground squirrel.   It's a mammal and there are just too many crows now.

Yesterday I visited my sister.  We spent some time trying to figure out the remotes, and finally she called her hubby to help.  He gave her the detailed rundown of sequences of buttons to push, and we then were able to watch the first three episodes of Downton Abbey Season two.  So many arch villians - Bate's wife, Thomas, and O'Brien - to keep track of while wondering if Cora has a brain in her body.  All and all we had a pretty good time.  When we watch more episodes, we'll wear big hats and have cookies and tea, just for fun. Want to see how truly HOT O'Brien actually is?  Lookie!
My sister and I speculated that she was, and there's the proof.

I'm not knitting at all.  But I went for a tramp around Office depot, which was a dead place.  And around the burgeoning garden to take pictures of flowers. 
Temporary stand for the birdbath
Yellow Bearded Bi-Color

Newly positioned cold composter, sans lid.  The other one will follow it to this spot soon.

Survivor Giant Onion.  Something ate the top off the other one.  I was a little peeved.

All the rain has really made the potted geraniums happy.  Sunflare is in the background, blooming her head off.

Giant, in the ground, gently pink Geranium.  The rains have made it very happy, too.

Gas prices may be over 5$ a gallon, and if so, summer is going to be spent at home with a few excursions to see the new building at Point Loma Seafood and flowers at the Botanical Gardens.  If you come here you must see this newly rebuilt place.  They sell very fresh  fish and shell fish, and serve some of the best seafood dinners and sandwiches on the Planet.


  1. It's good to hear the knee is settling in and you're getting around well on it.

    My local flock of crows is not large; sometimes I don't see any of them for a day or two and I am surprised by their size when they turn up again. I'm not sure what they are eating; they don't seem interest in the suet feeder and they are too smart to attempt the feeders i've set out for the tiny birds. I've got their warning call for "dog" pretty clearly identified - I hear it every time I come outside with Roxy! It sounds like DOG DOG DOG DOG! Your birdbath looks lovely.

  2. Thanks for the comment on the bird bath. I have another shell just like that one and will get a gazing ball as soon as I can get one that doesn't scare birds silly and make them fly AWAY! The mirrored ones I can make won't do.

    "DOG DOG DOG DOG!" Poor Roxie! Those crows probably come in to check out the feeders just in case. They've got an amazing memory for where food is being handed out, and probably think they will be provided for if they show up often enough to the banquet. hehehe They aren't above hunting for baby birds and dog food, either.

    Thanks about the knee. Recovery after 1 month is very rapid! I'm re-learning "steps" now, as in staircases. I want to be ready by June; we'll see!


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