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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thermerisal News

I don't want this to get lost in all the Backchat and noise about ELI  (Everything of Little Importance) that spews forth from the modern "News" agencies..  I won't say why I'm so attached to this topic, but I am. 

I will not respond to industry hacks so don't bother.  Other Moms, yes, Industry hacks no.

Autism spectrum disease is up 78% in a decade, and there are those busily at work to REDEFINE the disease for the worst of all possible reasons.  They want to push this rise in numbers even more under the radar than it is.

Taken from an article HERE and worth reading.  It won't allow me to quote from it without messing up the post so you can read it all, in situ, if you wish to.  I'm tired of fighting with the site in order to quote a few lines.  And HERE, something from 2005.

Why WE haven't taken this CRAP out of vaccines just like other countries, is all about MONEY!  So important a consideration in the USA.  

A video:
The Truth About Drug Companies  from the author of the book of the same name, by Marcia Angell.


  1. hmmm....wow....I never knew..this really is shocking to me, but it really is something about the amount of autism, learning issues etc.
    hugs, Paula

  2. Hugs back Paula, and thanks for your comment. Yes, it's been an issue that will just not be swept away, and the longer it goes on the more evidence piles up. Iowa has banned it, and so have a lot of European countries, including Russia because of their studies on adults who handled the stuff and what happened to them. Anyway, it's all out there. If it gets into your life, you don't forget it.


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