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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Milagro Beanfield War"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ceramics and Wolfie

Ceramics was calm and relatively peaceful, which is always nice.  It's not always that way!  Two new rabbits came home with me so now there are a lot of them sitting around the place, hiding in the leaves of the African Violet "canopy".

Happily they are not chewing on electrical cords or leaving little round droppings on the floors for Wolfie to find and probably eat!.   DH Kindly trundled home all the under glazes for me to spend the rest of the week painting that tall ceramic - which is busily absorbing humidity out of the air from the rains we are getting.  I'm never sure whether that makes mud structures more fragile, or less.

Wolfie report - with the weather report embedded-  Wolfie hates to get his feet wet so this will be a trying time for him.  I think he remembers the misery of not being able to stay out of the weather, and the terror of night time for a little dog out there in the big, wet, wild world.  He also doesn't like nighttime walks.  But he's like a little kid when it comes time to go someplace in the car.  he loves car rides.   He loves his Groomer, his Veterinarian, his Sisters and Aunts and Uncles.  He loves our BF Neighbor, but he hates to get his feet wet.  DH says that after daintily picking the driest spots on the pavement, the wolf will wade into wet grass up to his chest if something smells "interesting".  But he's very picky about his feet.  He's a funny little guy. 

Wolfie, back from the "Hunt"
I'm knitting Noro sleeves in my down time.  There's lots of Agatha Christie to watch, and even some left over jelly bellies to eat that a friend brought to ceramics yesterday. And, yes, I do know how lucky I am.  Having survived a childhood with an insane maniac of a paternal unit who loved to kill things, I feel fortunate and very lucky to be here with my sweet  DH and our great kids, as well as Wolfie, and the late Jazzy Doggie, who lives in my heart.  So, I am always giving  thanks to the Deity!

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