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Thursday, May 10, 2012

6 years old and fast on his feet!

DH found this in his morning travels of the web, and sent it to me.  I think little kids are great for cheering people up, so here is your dose of kidlet cute, today...

Sometimes little human's are great athlete's, too.

Knitting.  I have put the sock aside as three times I tried to do the simplest things, and all three times had to frog.  This is so not me!  I mean aran sweaters with complicated designs are real boogers but not a sweet little pair of socks!

Oh well!


  1. Everything is hard--till it gets easy. I have the skills for cables (i have a number of FO's that use them) and I think Aran/cabled sweaters can be lovely, but i have no desire to knit on (I own one that was knit for me--(40+ years ago) and it rarely get worn. why do i need an other sweater that i won't wear?)--my cabled poncho( 10 years old, knit by me) has been worn about 1 a year.

    Its taken me a long time to learn, but i just don't finish sweater (for myself). Maybe as i become an old lady, and start to feel the cold more, I will. but for now, i too, stick to socks. I WEAR socks. (i rarely wear sweaters)

  2. Thank you so much, Helen. You are one of the best knitters I know, and your insights into anything to do with knitting are very encouraging and motivational.

    Right now my brain has to completely recover from surgery. I was told, once again, that it can take up to a year to recover fully. So I'll knit socks (even when it takes so many times to cast on properly!) and bits and pieces of my FO's and other things because knitting for others is like giving them Love. And knitted things don't break in shipping! hehe


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