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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chickens, and Goats and Bees, Oh My!

San Diego City Council Approves Backyard Chickens, Goats and Bees | KPBS.org

Wheeee!  Actually, we had backyard bees, but they moved in on us and in a very inconvenient place, too.  They stung Wolfie.  He's black and apparently bees are, by nature,  angry at anything black or dark colored.  Think Bears. I'm looking forward to having a couple of goats, someday when we don't go anywhere, and chickens, too.

We had a duck (the kids named her Jemima of course), and she gave us lovely eggs.  We've even had  4H rabbits; this was because the neighbors kindly did not complain.  The new law means I get to return to my childhood, and make a farm - going back to my mother's little farm, almost!  I really want those chickens and maybe the goats! 

Fitness Report:  Yesterday, gym was a blast!.  I got to learn how to weight lift properly, in a small way- just the bar - in a treat from my trainer.  He knows I lifted weights in my youth, and that I love weight lifting.  Then foam rolling my legs, always a treat..... NOT.  But, as G says, it's the sort of pain that feels good.  It actually does feel good because you know it's helping.  Your body is smarter than YOU are, something the Brain never wants to admit!  Also, I've gained a total of an inch and a half in height!   Sometimes I salute DH when he tells me, "Posture! Stand tall, like a Marine!"

Sunday DH and Wolfie and I went on a walk on the lake.  I walked over uneven and sloping terrain with no problem at all.  Yay!

Here's some pix, roses that a group has planted along the fences leading in to the trails, and our favorite Urban Mountain, this time a view from the lake.  Remember, all the photos will enlarge with a click.

Hardy and beautiful rose; this may be a climber for the fence.

Definitely a climbing rose
Very brilliant red.  Beautiful!

Catch basin
Birds, rabbits and other "wildlife" (like insects)
were getting drinks and take baths in it.

Other Wildlife.
 I wanted a picture of this speedy fellow.
 It took awhile!

 DH jokingly said, "Step on Him!"  I declined! lol  It's the first little stink bug I have seen in ages!

Opuntia Cactus Rose
This will develop into a cactus pear.
Look for the tiny, hidden inhabitant.

Cowles Mountain - One of the Sacred Mountains.

There you have it, the walk on Sunday.  The lake is a place of serenity, and just "chocky-jam  full"* of birds and beauty.  It was so good to be able to be out there walking again, almost fearlessly I might add.  Thanks go to fitness, my trainer, and DH's  patient encouragements.

Enjoy your week!  I'm going to be painting ceramics, tossing more detritus from the SR, eating pretzels, and knitting all that stufffff.  See you in a few. 

* My favorite Uni teacher was from Alabama, taught Geology, and had the most interesting words to describe things. 


  1. Backyard chickens are getting popular across the country for sure. I might have some next year; I'm making plans and doing research now that I have gotten the approval of the "Little Woman".

  2. Have fun with your research. There are so many available now, like the Araucana. How exciting!

    Having backyard chickens is getting legalized in more and more cities across the country, and it's a great move for citizens of cities. I'm thinking that finally I'll get the Rocks and Rhode Island's I've always wanted. Maybe some Araucana, too. No roosters are allowed though, so maybe we are stuck with Leghorns.

    Here, we are evidently going to be able to set up small, temporary stands in front of our houses to sell off extra produce. I'd like goats, too, but mostly for weed eradication; though I have made,cheese before, I'm not sure I want to, now. Bees are iffy but we might try some of the wild hover bees. They can be bought now. They don't produce usable honey but are busy pollinators, and they sting much less often. You make them a little house. A friend has gotten them and liked them.

  3. You sound chipper! Yay!
    Those wild hover bees sound like a treat. I might look into them.

  4. Why thank you,k! I'm still roller coasting through life. lol


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