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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My little chaos theory

Do you wake up feeling like you don't belong on this planet?   Have you also come to the realization that there are people who create chaos, on a more or less continual basis, for the money and power it brings them?  And, these people always have a "five year plan"?

If you do, you feel utterly powerless to stop it.  You also know that you can't turn a blind eye to it.  Here's a guy who has stepped up to bat for the rest of us.  He's the  State Attorney General of New York, and he's working hard.

The Man the Banks Fear Most 

An excerpt:
"Pressure from Washington wasn’t the only challenge Schneiderman faced. He knew that he and Biden couldn’t effectively go after the banks by themselves. Strong as the Martin Act was, the statute of limitations on crimes committed in the run-up to the 2008 collapse limited the scope of his investigation. Nor were 21 attorneys remotely sufficient to clean the Augean stables of bank misconduct, which spanned millions of property records in thousands of county courthouses. Even more daunting, the five banks with which the government was negotiating had legal and financial resources that were comparable to the government’s. “That’s what ‘too big to fail’ means,” says one attorney who worked with Schneiderman. “Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan thinks he can stand off the federal government if he deploys his full resources. He can crush a single state attorney general."

and another, this showing something little discussed, but revealing even more of the possibly criminal activities of the banks:

"The other question they sought to resolve was which agencies would become part of the working group, as the joint investigative unit came to be called. For Schneiderman, including the SEC, FBI, and IRS were essential. Schneiderman particularly wanted the IRS, because he believes the banks may have manipulated the registration of mortgage-backed securities with the New York– and Delaware-based trusts in a way that illegally lowered their tax bills by hundreds of billions of dollars. (One attorney says the amount may go as high as $3 trillion.)"

It's a long long article, but well worth your time. Thanks to DH who found this story, and to the people brave enough to write it so that America doesn't go down in flames without being told why.

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