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Kilgore Trout

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"Milagro Beanfield War"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday, Bonnie Raitt/Randy Newman.... some knitting content, finally!

I also changed the body font.  the other was cute but made me crazy when I tried to read it.

I think that this is the most beautiful love song in the world.  This is for my DH, God Bless him.  We met when I was 19 years old.  He was my first and only boyfriend, and still my best friend. It was love at first sight.  Nothing's ever happened to change that in all this time.  Next year, God willing, is our 50th.  

Bonnie Raitt and Randy Newman... Bonnie sings, Randy plays, "Feels Like Home"

*Sighs.....*  Feels like home to me.....

(K)now to the Knitting bits:

Second JHR sock is on the needles and on it's way, yippie!  When it's past the rib I'll post a pic.

Hanks of the yarn for BonBon mitts were made into cakes, and swatches on going for the mitts, which are in the process of being knitted.  The pattern calls for size 5 needles (yes 5's ~~@^@~~) with a sock weight yarn.  I know that is not going to make gauge for this loose knitter so I'm experimenting with 3's, then it will be down to 2's if those don't work. 

Swatches for the pink silk bamboo Stardust are started.  I don't anticipate too much trouble on this one but I might be in for a surprise.  Neither silk or bamboo are great splicers.  Fingers crossed!

The two mellowing sweaters have been out of their bags and given a good shake ..the first of their "ten minutes a day". 

And I found an adorable little elephant to make for the kids - who knit for themselves.  It's in my favorites in Ravelry.  Lordy, it is so cute!  You can find all of Susan's adorable patterns HERE.  You are going to love her stuff; I guarantee it !  Look at the cow toy that's there.  I'm getting that pattern for my DD, Elle.  Maybe she will give it to her co-worker, T,  so I can knit two!

I hope I have enough time left on the ticker to knit these things.  Small is fun, too.

And of course, here is a flower pic.  It's Apricot Nectar, showing off her winter given ruffles a few days ago.  For some reason these roses get all ruffled when the weather is cold, windy and rainy through spring bloom.  I think they are so pretty.

Apricot Nectar, in early Spring
May you walk with Beauty all around you.


  1. I'm glad you made the font change - it drove me crazy too!

  2. I agree! Glad you can read this easily now.

    It was awfully cute but awful to read! I won't do any of them anymore except as header or side bar fonts. Gah!


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