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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lake Murray, Notable birds seen Friday

We went to Lake Murray  again last Friday to walk about, and of the abundant bird life there - besides the ubiquitous doves and gulls, we did see these three notable birds:

Great Tailed Grackle   I was pretty surprised to see them but they've been increasing their range up out of Mexico in the couple years I stopped birding the lake.

Song Sparrow Always a charmer. sings that little heart out all year but does even more so in Spring.

Killdeer, nesting in an open rocky place, and being it's usual tricky little self.  These are the birds that we hear in Summer, calling in the dark night sky while they fly over our neighborhood.  I don't know why they do this but that's also part of their charm. 
California  California, or Blue-Gray Gnat Catcher - heard and seen.  Catlike Meow call.  Cute, tiny, birds which can cheer most people up just to see them.
The website, Bird Friends of San Diego County is a wonderful reference site, as are the other three I used.  The owner is a tireless photographer who just finished two exhibits at Mission Trails Regional Park where we went a few days ago.  I'm sorry to say I missed them both, dang it!

 What is now the parking lot at the lake once was a meadowlark and Gnat catcher heaven.  That was the high price that was paid for development.  I never hear a meadow lark there at the lake anymore,  and haven't for years.  I was actually a little shocked to hear the Gray Gnat Catcher yesterday.


  1. I looked through the first web site. I love the rose ringed parakeets having escaped in great enough numbers to form a breeding colony. I'm afraid it probably isn't good for some poor bird that's been pushed out of its habitat, though.

  2. I've seen them in years past, but not recently, and they really are beautiful. Several colonies of them have disappeared in LA County to the North, and this one might have, too. I haven't seen a single bird in the last few years, and they used to be flying all the time around our neighborhood. They are easy targets for raptors since they are so bright colored. I think the nest in Palm trees so that makes them susceptible to ground predation, too. Have you seen, "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"?


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