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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A day in the life of ....

Last night, after knitting in the thumb hole on the mitt, I put it away.  This morning I took it out again.  I cannot knit late at night anymore. 

This morning I dashed around after waking up late (because of being up half the night) so that the excursion force (Hubby) could be assembled.

First we went to JoAnn's to see whether all the patterns that I'd planned to nab were gone, and I was lucky enough to get them all, all three, and it was late!  I was surprised any Vogue was still there as they disappear fast!

The Sandra Betzina pants pattern had only ONE left in the drawer but I had no competition for it.  YayMe!    I also got a fabulous looking dress design by Sandra B. as well.  The hunt will be on through the stash for material suitable as soon as can be.   I know that I have a pretty big piece of browns and tans in a floral Challis.   But that is a lot of fabric in that dress.  It would be a shame if I had to BUY more fabric, y'know?  The many gored skirt is going to be made in the 3/4 length style.  I'm SO not into showing off my knee scar.

The pink polkadot box just grabbed me on the way to and from the pattern drawers.  I had to have it.  It spoke my language and had a bow on the front, what can I say.  My knees just went all rubbery, and I couldn't walk back past it with out snatching it up.

I  plan to spend the rest of my sewing days, after constructing a very special little girl's baby quilt, making carry-alls and bags for my  DDs, sister, nieces and Sista-friends.  I don't think brothers or nephews (or other guys) are into those things but I know that grrrls are!

The next stop was at THIS wonderful place.  Get Centered Clay Studio.  I got some Crawl Glaze, which will do amazing things, not quite the same as Slip Glaze, but I think I might be able to find that stuff somewhere.  The heart always hopes.   I think I'm going to love this place because I can get slab clay and other clay bodies there.  These were some of the pieces there.  

I got another wide angle shot of the whole wall in the entry part of the studio but with the camera that does clouds or flowers excellently but balks at indoor shots.  I'll put it up so that you can see how thrilling it was to step into this room.  But it's a crappy shot of gorgeous stuff.

Yesterday, while going through a box of stuff given me by my SIL, I found these:

OMG, Ponies!
Those, my friends, are a treasure:  48 Weber-Costello soft pastels.  I had thrown away layer upon layer of spent, too-old acrylics, and then saw that dusty box on the bottom.  I knew there was a Pony in that box! 

I will now curl up and go to sleep until any black (or mushroom) cloud goes away.   God help us, please, no mushroom clouds unless they are like the pretty ones in New Mexico just before a male rain.

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  1. BUTTONS!!!! :( I'm so fortunate enough to meet little butoons..I'm so sorry. No matter the size-fur, scale, shell....they are all our babies. I'm sure he is living among those dandelions! ..and I love Neil Diamond, too! yes, I've gone through quite a lot..and before I even get a feeling of getting something with a coupon I go through my stuff. It really helps! My daughter arrives on the USS Pearl Harbor today there in San Diego and will be on Sunday...I'm so happy!


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