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Kilgore Trout

~~ " In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?”" ~~
Saint Augustine

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"Amarante", in "Milagro Beanfield War"

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Navajo Blessing

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The mitt to the thumb and other trash talk..

I've gotten to the thumb stitch set- aside.  Five little stitches onto one of those orange holders. Just ignore the one already dangling from the side.  It means nothing. 

The pattern shows up differently (or I've been knitting it wrong) with this Lorna's Laces yarn, but I still think it's pretty.

It will be three days before I can even  read the rest of my blogs.  But, I've found that trying to figure out something other than the Googles Friends Connect, which they officially DITCHED sometime in March, is almost a fruitless search.

I'm also still trying to solve the mystery of how to get myself off MY Followers list.  Since that list, which was easy and fun to use, is supposedly now defunct, Google, which owns Blogger, apparently wants everyone to pony up to their g+1 bar and drink the Kool-aid.  Well, I'm not going to.  I liked clicking on the icons my friends connected and being able to go to their spaces.  Oh well, things change.


Last night late, I was looking at the giant craft table.  It is an old conference table from when NCR called it quits the first time and sold off all their stuffff for a penny a pound; I'm hellishly proud of it since I got it for 20 bucks.

OK, back to the topic.  This big worktable is in the end of the big room.  I was wondering if I can actually get it cleared off without stuffing everything back under it.  I don't think so!   So, that's the next back breaking project. Everything must go back up on risers and back under the table.  BUT, I did throw away an old blender after contemplating selling it on eBay.  It's a collectible Hamilton Beach in Avocado Green.  Maybe I'll go ahead and put it on eBay.  Anyway, it's GONE off the work table!  It was going to be used for paper making.

While out there, I found that I've got three alcohol lamps . Two of them I inherited when the Rock Hound shop went belly up, and one I actually bought when I was a kid, starting out.  I've given another one away to my DD who makes jewelry.  I need to donate some more!

Sorry for being in a royal funk.  Tomorrow though, I get to go and look for glazes at a new shop.  Thursday is my day off !  I expect to like a kid in a candy shoppe, so I'm really going to be working overtime at reining in my insatiable greed  desire to own every colored clay product and Glaze that exists.

Re-organization, again:

I've been keeping busy on the two main parts of re-organization.  Mostly so that when I start buying anything new, or rather am tempted to, nothing I already have will be duplicated.  I bought these (and other) cutters over about say, 8 years using 40% off coupons.  Does this qualify me for a  "True Grit Award"? * (see at end of post.)

 It's time to go watch some Cops and Robbers, or maybe, "Whose Wedding is This?"  But this next is for you all to make big and just calm way back down.  You know, calm down and climb back out of your trees.  Enjoy.

Beautiful Shady part of the San Lorenzo River.

* True Grit Award.  Take it if you dare.....

Actually, take it if you like it.  Go ahead, give yourself an award for reading this far.

I love the way these little damsel flies stare right back at you, defiantly, even when you are about a billion times their body mass.  They seem to know that the you are too big and clumsy to be real.  And what's with that great, big, shiny eye and one little tiny eye next to it attached to your front legs.  What the hell is that thing, anyway?  Time for a nap.

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