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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Matinee : "Hatchi, A Dog's Tale"

We cannot separate the joy of living  from the sadness of loss.  In a half a million years of living as humans in connected groups, we have never been able to do it.  Being a loving, loyal friend means we risk loss.

So, yes, as many say in this trailer, this is a sad story.  The film is an adaptation of a true story about the bond between a man and his dog.  If you've had this sort of love, I guarantee you will cry.   We watched the movie twice to get it into ourselves so it would stay there and inform our hearts.

We also watched the feature about the making of "Hatchi, A Dog's Tale", afterward.   It is an unusually well made short feature about the movie.

The magical nature of this film is only one of it's great beauties.  Lead actor, Richard Gere, is superb, as is the entire cast.   A lot of the comments on the film, in YouTube, said it was sad.  I agree, though I cried a lot, which is sort of normal for me, I heard a few manly sniffles from the Hubster.

This adaptation of the true story of Hachiko, the dog Hachi, from early 1900's Japan, is of an instant in Infinity, one that includes all the elements of Unconditional, perfect love, devotion and loyalty between two fellow beings.

G rated, and with some comedic scenes,  I am recommending that you watch this film if you haven't seen it already.  I'm really mixed about whether small children can handle it.

Knitting Report:
Because every inch of knitting is a small victory for me in these strange days, I'm showing you this.  I find myself getting irritated with Wolfie, so you know I'm on my last nerve.

Bee's Mitt.  It will be done by in a couple of days then I'll cast on the second one.
It gets a thumb so maybe longer than two days.
You know how those thumbs can be!

Three ferns, left to right: Leather fern, and 2 Dallas Ferns, My Grrrrls gone wild.
The Dallas Gals are extremely crowded.
Make the pik big!  It will do you some good if you need green to rest the eyes!
Tomorrow I plan to look for one more thing at JoAnn's.  Retail Therapy on a small scale for organizing all my card making stuff.   Do you cover shoe boxes?  I'm going to do that with the sturdiest of the ones that are left from clearing out.

Happy Knitting!  The Pink Stardust sweaterlette will be cast on soon.  I thought I'd never get that on the needles.

Sweet dreams.  Good night!


  1. Grab that precious little Wolfie and dance. His deep love for you will and yours for him will see you through whatever irritably you're feeling. Sweet, sweet little doggie.

  2. Hi Diana, I will do just that! He's my earth angel. I just gave him a belly rub, his very favorite thing.



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