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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Knit All Day Day... /cloudy day, some tiny rain..

It looked like this when we left for some meds tests for me:

It rained a little and just glowered all the time we were out.
It's even darker now at 3:30

So far this has been a "Do anything but knitting" day.  "Get Fasting Blood Test" Day, Shop for "How to Knit with Charts book" Day,"See if shop has Macco Glazes" Day, "Water the Thirsty Shade Patio" Day,

and I found this while watering when we got home:

This is a favored food of the Torts so I have to keep it up off the patio pavers.
They will eat it down to a nubbin. It's a crassula but I don't know which one.
Isn't it a pretty little flower?  Look at it very BIG!
I also found about five billion little babies from this Mother of All., Crassula Multicalva.  Get it?  Makes many calves?   If you get weak at the knees and get just one of these "mommas" from a place between the pavers at Spanish Village ( or anywhere else), believe me, you're going to regret it! 

OK I'm trying to find a couple of books that will help me with color knitting and with charts.  Please feel free to email me with suggestions about ones you've found helpful.  I can buy one of each.

I'm taking my aching back to the Comfy Chair and the Pink Bates knitting needles.  I'll try to stop looking at the needles long enough to get the YOs/SKPs and K2TOG/YO's straight.  That is slippery yarn on slippery needles, and I dare anyone to turn their back on that combination. 

Stealth Politics:

I'm going to read The Beginner's Guide to Walking the Buddha's Eightfold Path  by Jean Smith.  I think I'll also read  Don't Just do Something.  Sit There.  Vacation Reading, eh? 

I need to get my head back from the Never, Never land of Crooked Politicians/CEOs and Their "Merry Men".  You know, the ones who we are learning about, those villains who steal from the Poor (as well as the middle class) and give to themselves.  I've found the only way to calm down is to sit and do nothing.  I'll be doing a lot of that from now on.  Being Hyper busy just isn't good for me.  I threw the knitting across the room this afternoon.  I'm losing confidence in my ability to knit.


  1. I have to quit reading about those powerful jerks. Too much despair.
    I went to the doctor's office today, to just sort of check in. They have an itinerant dentist who stops in who has a therapy dog. The poor thing needed therapy from having a lot of small high-energy people loving on him, so he was really glad to sit next to me and get his head scratched, and to lick the salt off my jeans (I was eating cashews while driving).
    That flower is beautiful, the way it's all dusty until it opens out.

  2. Agrees! But then I see Bernie giving them hell in the big hall back east, and I just have to DO something.

    Oh! very cool about the therapy dog at the docs. That's a very sweet "tail". Thank you for sharing that. It calms me down to know that for every maniac in the 1%, there are 4 million others who are good to other people. Sometimes I think without Wolfie and Jazzie, I would have been a big puddle on the floor long ago.

    Succulent blooms are beautiful, so waxy, or dusty, and plump. The plant is called a Silver Dollar Jade - crassula arborescens. I went looking for the name. It's another one from down by the verges of Spanish Village tiles. Their pot plants drop leaves that sprout little red or white roots and take over the world, if you look behind them against the wall where the broom or blower can't dislodge them. This one's not as bad as crassula multcalva, though, and prettier.

  3. Like how you label your days...I always go 'Mission ______' to label my stuff. Well, my knitting is frustrated...because I haven't picked it up! I'm working on a crocheted shawl! I will look up that book..I do believe I've seen it before...maybe it was on your good reads ;) Well, don't let your knitting cry too long after you flung it across the room ;)...just sayin' My Robos tea needs to be made! Guess what I'm going back to?

  4. I suspect you are going back to your crochet shawl. Isn't Robos tea lovely? I did gather up my knitting and finally had a quiet moment to knit to the end of the first ball. That is very tough yarn because it's been frogged and knitted at least 7 times. It feels almost new off the ball. Love the stuff.

    I must go now and catch up on your blog. The following thing is truly nice because even if a person is gone for awhile, there are all the updates ready to be read. It's lovely. I just wish I could stop following my OWN blog. I can't figure out how to stop it!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I think you've been getting some rain. Nearly the whole country needs some, doesn't it? I am glad that Colorado got some, and another storm is heading out from here, though this one may have come up from Baja, it's like a steam bath. hehe


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