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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life moves along at a "Glacial Pace"

Life report with the Weather thown in:

I was dashing around and didn't proof read this well!

It's hot.  I hate it.  Meanwhile, Life just moves along at too fast a pace, as usual, for getting much crafting done and craft goes at the Glacial Pace.

Bird Report;  I was watching out for a baby dove, trying to decide whether it was abandoned by it's parents or not.  The tiny adult female is a careless mother, but then doves didn't evolve around cats.  I know that fledgling doves get fed a couple of times a day on Pigeon's milk but I didn't see the parents around until almost dusk.  Today a hawk got the baby.  It's depressing not being able to help these young and innocent little creatures.

But, happier news.  DH was out walking Wolfie and came upon an hummingbird that seemed like it had a broken wing, lying in the road.  Mon Dieu!  He tried to pick it up but it flew a little distance into a gutter.  He came home and googled Project Wildlife, then went back out after a short consultation with me, and picked it up and put it on a low bush.  It was tiny, more so than usual.  It finally rested enough - and it's parent was nearby - and flew up into a larger bush, then flew straight up, like a bumblebee, into a nearby tree.  Success!

Wolfie (and Me) report:

If Wolfie were a Red Dog.
 That is Exactly what his face and body look like.  This was in an email to me, and I have NO idea where the picture came from originally, but this IS Wolfie as a red dog.  The ears, no; that is just an updo by the person who is supposed to be this little fellow's friend.  Would you do that to a friend?  Lol

Wolfie is scratching the same parts of his body constantly, and I'm worried that the surgery has affected his brain and has made him into one of those neurotic dogs ( more so than he was) that scratches constantly from a form of post surgery insanity.  While contemplating all this, I was so nervous that was scratching myself.  Hmmm?   I will be checking into Canine troubles after anethesia. Anyway, he is still very cute, kicking his feet when he's in my arms, like a baby human.  I guess he's my honorary grand child.

As to what happens to humans, the post op fog:  I am getting better at making change.  But, I still have trouble understanding my Knitting.  The ability to understand a pattern is coming back very slowly.  I was told this would happen but didn't realize it would take so long!  No wonder they wouldn't let DH see me in Recovery, and that it took so long.  I might have tried to leave by the trap door in the ceiling, maybe?  October 19 is one year.

The DDs found this beautiful stuff at a thrift store a few months ago, and one bought it for me to use.  Yay Thrift Stores!  There are 8 skeins.  A shorty sweater?  Very tall socks?

Yummy Stuff

I would make her something from it but she's allergic to wool.  As you can see, it's Merino 5 from Crystal Palace, The Whole big wad for $3.25.  Not bad, eh?The two wound balls in the back were wound so tightly that the bounce was almost gone from the yarn.  They were one big ball and I swear it was so tight that I could bounce it off the floor.  Someone really UPTIGHT must have owned this yarn and tried to make something that REALLY bit them hard.  I hope to make something nice, like who knows what with it.  It won't be socks but I don't think there is enough for a sweater.  Maybe a vest?  The colors are luscious!

Yesterday, at ceramics, I glazed a small plate with a red glaze that will turn an amazing, speckled green in the kiln.  I'll plug a snap in here later.  Meanwhile you can gaze at the hunk of bee's wax bought at a local Farmer's Market.  Ooops, here's the pic.  I forgot...

Ceramic Rabbit Contemplates Beeswax Mountain

DH calls it Mt. Beeswax.  I think he wants to go climb another mountain.  I'm looking for a mold, or will make one, of a bee.  It's really not too hard to do.  Then I'll make some little bees' wax cakes for sewing.

But back to the Ceramic piece blah blah.  I'm also using a crackle glaze on one side in a quarter moon shape as an experiment.  Depending on how long it takes to I find my glaze formula books, I'll be running down to FreeForm to buy ingredients for a slip glaze.   This, since no one local sells the stuff anymore.

 ****RANT ALERT**** I guess potters gave up on it and the "market" followed suit.  China makes all the low priced art pottery now; they have the market sewn up on most things, including the beautiful art glazes that once were the pride of American Pottery.  With all the jobs in China, no wonder we can't find jobs that  pay a decent "living wage" for anything.  But, that's free trade!  I say, Good Job Murano Glass for keeping YOUR market!

Happy stuff.  My sister and I are going to watch the rest of Downton Abby.  When is the next one coming out on DVD?  Ican'twait!


  1. Yay for saving that little hummer! I admire the so much.

  2. I will pass your Attaboy on to the Man. He had an experience he will never forget. No one ever forgets having that tiny life in their hands and then watching it survive.


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