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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lots of Photos...Crafty hands, SkyWatcher Post, Arboretum visit, and first Woggy felting project

I made all photos small for ease of loading but make them bigger with a click...

 Crafting hands

DD1's Hands make a beaded bracelet
At Camp, DD4 makes the dotted egg
My first felting - yes, it's supposed to be an egg. Ha!

Cities have pretty skies, too, especially along coast lines.

Sunset in the City

Arboretum Proteas

Sunlight through Protea Flower
Plainer but did the bees love this one!

Ghostly White that must have been spectacular in Moonlight

 I'm sorry to say that I've not touched my knitting.  This is actually the coolest day we've had since we returned so that's my excuse.  I'm sprawling out with my books - The Lady's #1 Detective Agency re-read - and working in the garden.

Garden Report:

There are Lots and LOTS of new tiny succulent starts to minister to, and I dead headed the big Apricot Nectar Grandaflora (Happily, it LIVED!) and cleared away a very aggressive upstart of a scented geranium that the birds must have planted last fall.  I want it but I don't want it where it is.  I'll transplant it this coming winter.  It was headed for the Grandflora with a speed reserved for Giant Kelp!  You just can't have something going for a treasured rose!  You just have to put a stop to that level of floral aggro!  The rose struggles enough. 

Speaking of roses, I saw an unusually pretty rose in Trescony Park community garden this month. Trescony is called a Kid's Park and it really is a lovely small park for the little ones.

This beautifully shaped rose starts out bright yellow
Then it fades to this lovely white with pink edges.

 I'm sore all over.  Gardening and Fitness.  Chocolate here I come!


  1. That middle protea, the one the bees loved, looks like a painting from early 20th century, celebrating Progress! and Electricity! Maybe by Sonia Delauney.

  2. Yes! Georgia (O'Keeffe) comes to mind as well. But definitely the colors of Sonia. Good Eye! :-)


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