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Saturday, August 25, 2012

TransCanada seems to get it's way.... Across private Texas Ranch using eminent domain

You are going to really squirm at this one.  But then, the multi nationals have been behaving like Pigs, ruthlessly and relentlessly, in the rest of the world so why not here in the US of A?

Judge rules that TransCanada can seize land from a family farm/

Good Lord, this is OUR Judicial System?   A ruling sent from an iPhone?

"But in Texas, oil comes first."  Quote from the Grist article.

I guess it does...  But how did it ramrod it's way clear through the rest of the country?  I suggest a new "View From Space" Art project consisting of Big, black Bootprints all along the pipeline.

This thing really hurts, and 9 out of 10 Americans probably don't even care.  Why do I?  I had to lie down after posting this, and then had a bit of a cry and pitched a fit. 

Kuddos to Grist and DH. Thank you.

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