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Friday, August 31, 2012

Once upon a Blue Moon, last night, over San Diego Bay.. cell phone. Accidental Art, and Shrooms in the Grass

Like an idiot, or an overladen beast of burden in Full Militant Rebellion, I left the big camera home last night.  But, it still was a spectacular sight to watch the second full moon of August rise up over the San Diego Smog.

I also found another amazing couple of things going on on the Island.

Accidental Art, in the form of an amazing water pattern on the cement at Friendship Circle in the Pacific Rim Park.

This was larger and even more beautiful,  and it was most certainly accidental
 And Shrooms!  They may be edible, since many that grow in lawns are.  I'll absolutely have to ask an expert on this though.  DD has books and books about shrooms though she only picks a few very safe kinds.

Sadly some wanton, big footed Donkey stepped on most of them.. next picture.

Evidence of the passage of a Yeti.

You can see the "tire tread" of a size 12 there...
I'm off to make some earrings with my sister, who is doing as well as possible with a sore little spine and her other issues.  I have to do something to cheer her up.  It can't involve calories, as we are both on a Diet - the dread word!  Spark People here I come!


  1. Hope you take pictures of the earrings.

    Would love to see what they look like.

  2. Good luck on that diet. I've been struggling with mine, and haven't been so successful the past couple of months. Do you have any secrets to share? ♥

  3. Hi Z ♥!... Yes, I will definitely take pictures. We never got to make the earrings at my sister's house because we watched "Himalaya" because I wanted her to see it, too. It's truly a gorgeous movie about a vanishing culture. Also, I should have taken pictures when I made the ones for my DDs last month, as now those are sort of unavailable for glam shots. :-) But I will take pictures of the process in the new earrings. This style is very easy to make. You do need a couple of pairs of pliers, flat and round nose. You can get by with only flats if you have pieces of tiny hardwood doweling, but the rounds are better.

    Cathy, Thanks! I'm on my way down again, and hope that you are there soon, too.

    Secrets.. hmmmm. Spark People, I recommend them entirely! Great support group if you join a group like gardeners, or knitters, or whatever. You can give and receive little AttaGirl things. Cute, and fun.

    Also, I know that you have to move a lot, and eat enough calories to make your body not go into starvation mode; that plateau for me is at 1100 calories a day. I also work out two times a week at the gym, and walk or do other exercises at home one day. I really want to get the last of this stuff off my body, but strength training was a must for me, too. I can't believe the muscles I'm getting! Yay, trainer! Hugs to you! ♥


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