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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update on Wolfie and the Knitting report

He was scratching at his stitches, and even pulled one out, so we got him a little yellow T shirt to help with that.  He gets stitches out on Monday, and I bet he'll be one happy fella when that happens!

Knitting Report.  I finished a sleeve for Manhattan, and cast on  the other one.  Whew!  Then the collar goes on and a row or two of garter all around the opening.  We are going shopping for two spiffy looking buttons in a few days.  I would call this sweater 75% finished.  The pink straps have to be knit next, apparently before the two fronts.  But then it was a little late when I re-read the pattern.  *insert Googlie Eyes* 

Something pretty:
Make it big.  There's a little garden spider in it who has made it her home for now. Though she is not a bug, that's the tag. ;o)


  1. Wolfie looks pretty cute in his little shirt - he may have to wear it from time to time even after his stitches come out.

  2. Hi Ellen. I think you are right about that T shirt being needed still. He needs to wear it. We took the stitches out this morning, and the area is still tender, so I'm going to put that shirt back on him. He has short little legs but a very lithe body (He has the spine of a acrobatic Poodle!) and can get at them with his back feet.

    This is the best fitting shirt, so of course I must make a pattern from it for more for him since it's so cute; it was hard to find one that fit in the dozens at various stores! Happily, it was on discontinued and deeply discounted, so we lucked out.


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