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Monday, September 3, 2012

Tibetan song song by Sherten, playing a traditional instrument.

Firstly, proof that music is good for your brain (but of course we knew that already).  Well, it mentions.. *mumble* "other things", too, but still, music is very good for your brain!

CNN Article about Music and Brain function

Hopefully, that will stay up on the web

Keeping with the Tibetan theme going on my blog, here are two musical offerings of traditional Tibetan songs:

It is very hard to find Tibetan music without Chinese subtitles or electronic instruments. 

I was trying to find a traditional song by someone else and found this little cutie....


  1. Music does transcends doesn't it?

  2. Hi Paula. :-) I have to remember to listen to more music. I have new ear buds now so no excuses, Eh?

    Music certainly does transcend! I sometimes wonder how it all started. Did it start with the drumming of the rain heard by a sensitive ear, or the dances and calls of birds that inspired imitation? The people of the Islands still have dances inspired by birds like the Tropic Bird.


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