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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tails....Pets in Life

We actually acquired a Peking Duck from a local lake because she had been dropped off there by some unknown person and was following various people around for days, as she was completely tame.  She was also just getting torn to shreds by the Mallard males.  You know, the "New woman in town"- way too much attention. 

We brought her home and had her for several years.  We named her Jemima, and she gave us eggs that were delicious!  It was a wonderful experience for our daughters, and for me!  She would swim around and around in fast, tight circles in a galvanized tub that we had that was so small we couldn't figure out how she did it.  She loved when we dug the garden, and she ran around gobbling up the big white grubs of apple beetles as special tasty treats.  Jemima was nominally a Project Wildlife rescue, and  she was in re-hab.  She lived in the ex-play house at night, with lots of straw bedding.  The neighbors were very kind, but then again, she wasn't a rooster.


  1. How sweet. Ducks are pretty tame and quiet. Geese on the other hand...when I was a kid and went to the park, the geese there were so inpatient. They would practically dig in your bread bag. And if you weren't fast enough, they would nip at you. Terrible.

  2. Jemima was a very sweet girl. I wish I had pictures of her.
    Oh yes, geese are very self confident! And they are pretty territorial. For this reason they make nice little watch birds. We had geese at my mother's farm when I was a kid, and I got to feed all the poultry but I kept a very watchful eye on the geese while I was tossing the feed! They would come up and bite me on the back of the arm if I wasn't careful. The edges of their beaks have sharp little ridges. Ouch!

  3. I had a rescue pekin a few years ago. I named him Howard, and he was the sweetest fellow.

  4. Hey there Mz Fuzzarelly! They truly are sweet creatures. Good with Children, they say. lol

    We had some wild Mallards that joined our "flock" when I was a kid, and the mallard babies are SO ADORABLE, the way that Bantam chicks are.


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