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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tails ...Weaver's Yarns and what the HAY to do with them.

Wolfie Yesterday

Wolfie, wondering if he will ever be the same
Wolfie, DH and I are all struggling to get him well again.   He'd probably like to take something besides benadryl, something more like Clonopin, for his itchy scratchies!  Poor little guy.

He went to the groomer today, and got the gentlest of shampoo's.  He's got such nice groomers.  He also got a Cortisone shot from his equally gentle Vet, last week.  And he is getting yummy tiny cheese balls with a hidden allergy med in it.  He and I are now on the same antihistamine.   What's good for one mammal is sometimes good for another.  Isn't Nature wonderful?  He's probably allergic to some of the same things, too.  This is the allergy season for everyone, it seems.

Yarn stuff:  I dragged out two giant yarn containers to sort out the weaver's wools.  I'm either going to donate them or figure out how to shred and them felt them, into more useful items, with my new and very sharp needles. 

I think the carders will be able to do something with shorter pieces but this is a bald experiment.  Not Bold, because it's probably up somewhere on the web as a means of dealing with gifted, butt ugly yarns, but bald with the meaning of never having gone there before in my life. 


  1. I saw this fabric and thought of you - imagine the rock hound quilt you could make with these!

    I know I don't pipe up very often but Little Luann and I are still out here and keeping up with you!

  2. I think that 1,4,7, and 10 really push my quilter's buttons! Lovely stuff! Thanks Luann, and LL. Thanks for keeping up with me. Be sure to read Ohio Biodiversity blog, too. Lots of bugs! hehe


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