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Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday Marc Scibilia Bright Day Coming

It's hot and sunny here again today.  Yesterday we went to have fish and chips at Mother Kelley's, aka Pt. Loma Seafoods. It was so CROWDED because there was also a Tony Bennett concert at Humphrey's by the Bay.  What a nightmare trying to leave Shelter Island after going there just to eat and to cool off. 

One woman was either completely drunk or completely lost; she turned back against us FOUR TIMES as she came back into our lane when she was starting off the road down the roundabout, or when she was trying to park alongside Shelter Island Dr. but clearly in someone's driveway.  (Nice expensive Red sports car.)  She almost hit us twice.

If you are going there, avoid red sports cars!  Better yet, learn the road, and this is because there is a roundabout at the base of the road past Humphrey's,  and if you start off of it, do NOT back up and turn back onto it!  Just go and turn around in the Bali Hai parking lot (see map).  This is for drunk and/or clueless people who don't want to cause an accident.  We love that you want to see the concerts, just don't get killed trying to park!

Here's a MAP!   Courtesy of Google Maps... Do take note of the little green directional arrows!  You cannot Back UP in the round about or you will DIE!  San Diego Drivers will mow you down!  Some of us are pulling Sail boats, or big honking power boats, and can't stop that easily!

And now, the promised Happy song for a gray day.....

Just try "getting away" if you can.  It's worth the effort.  Can't go anywhere?  Get away in your head.  Go Knit or decorate a lampshade with scarves and necklaces,  or a Tshirt with cans of spray paint and leaves, or as one friend does,  pound the "snot out of a piece of metal".  Or, just go hug and pet the little cat or  doggie. 

Farmer's Market Flowers - Monterey Farmer's Market this summer.

These guys know how to sell their Zinnias!

 Or, build one of these for that sunny window sill:

Fresh Herbs Garden Pot
Hopefully the cat won't try to sleep on top of it, or worse yet, eat it.  lol

That's all folks.  There are five more back to back concerts this week, and then the following weeks, more.  Come, listen and enjoy, and don't back up in the round-about.  Please?  Stay alive and out of trouble.  We love you and want you to LIVE!


  1. Our roundabouts here on the Cape are great - for locals. When the tourists and Summer people outnumber us 4 to 1 and STOP on the way into big rotaries it causes no end of traffic jams. In the summer we locals are the ones creeping around behind the scenes on the little back roads.

  2. Great song! I love Marc Scibilia.

  3. And lucky is the local who has those little back roads. San Diegans envy anyplace that has a back road into a beach area that doesn't involve putting a boat in the water. hehehe

    We have a sort of endless summer here and usually are smart enough to stay off the roads that go anywhere NEAR the beaches on a weekend. We said to each other, "Never again on a Sunday!", once we escaped from the jam up at the end of Shelter Island rotary. lol.


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