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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ig-Nobel Awards, Saturday Komeekz, Saturday Sky, and my very appropriate Horoscope!

Updated to include this because it's truly hilarious:

I'm adding this since I tracked down the REAL web page it all came from:

Linkie to Improbable Research Blog Ig Nobel Winners for 2012

And Now for:

Saturday Sky..

Taken today at about 3:30 Pm. 
OMG, we are turning into Florida!
It's hot and it's humid.  77º at night feels like 89º but it's actually getting over 90º during the day.  No one likes it, even the fire bugs, who have stayed out of the picture and we all hope they continue to do so! 

Wolfie thinks that he has to lick himself constantly even though he gets benadryl twice a day, and he got a cortisone shot two days ago from his vet.  We think he was raised with Cats because he's always licked himself like they do, and he pays no attention to them at all while out walking or visiting their "homes".  That's not normal dog behavior.

Also, this is when I wish we really had put a pool in the side yard.  Actually it's not too late to do that.  Thinking about it.......

Saturday Komeekz ....

Dear little Danae.  You have GOT to love this strange little Grrrrl. 

 My horoscope for today talks about crafting, or at least creativity:

"Your creative mind is abuzz.  You'll allow yourself to wander to some extent, but you know it's only a matter of time before you must rein yourself in and get some work done."

This is the latest project in "Knitting Avoidance".  Yes, I KNOW that I must Knit all those things but look what came in the mail!

From Hong Kong, an amazing bit of silicone stuffffff!
It got here really quickly, too!  3 t0 5 weeks turned out to be only about 8 days.  Lovely!

Beautiful mold for forming bee's wax for Seamstresses
DH is building a stand for wax melting apparatus from an old steam iron, complete with a rheostat (Very Urban Ghetto) and the steel stand from an old screened sifter.  As soon as the weather cools off outside, and we can breathe well again (and we snag a small pan from the local Sally's) we will be in business.

Ceramics goes on as usual.  We've fired two loads Green ware and one of  Glaze.  I can't wait to see the glaze.  If that plate turns out well, I'll show you guys what it looks like.   Well, I'll show you anyway!

Fall Colors!
Heehee.  From Trescony Garden Plot
Enjoy life!  Taking it one day at a time really helps.  Drink your water!  I'll do the same!


  1. What are you melting wax for? I've been thinking about trying encaustics, and I never would have thought of a steam iron!

  2. I'm melting bee's wax for making cakes (pretty ones) from the heart-shaped form from Hong Kong. My DD had one shaped like a bee on a sunflower. You run the sewing thread (hand sewing) across the top of the cake to pick up the bee's wax. It makes the thread more durable. Actually I'm going to use an old steam iron, one that was used to melt wax for DH's skis. We also used an old iron for melting dopping wax in the lapidary shop. For encaustics, it would work well, too. These old irons have a lot of life left in them.


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