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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The trees are confused, and so were the Torts!

This photo might become a header.  heehee

Leaf and Seed Pod

Biggest Liquid Amber at the RC
We have been getting fairly hot sunny days and very cold nights, our temp on the covered patio was below 40° F.  That is c-c-c-cold for San Diego.   Brrr!  These pix were on Tuesday of the rec center tree offerings.

Yesterday, closer to the mountains, my sister and I went out in her complex to collect leaves and seed pods, the latter are for crafting.  Liquid Amber trees have round ball seed pods that hang from the branches like ornaments.   The tiny goldfinch love them, as do other finches, but goldfinch are the only ones that can dangle on the seedpods while chiseling the seeds out of the pod with their beaks.

With this cold of an overnight temperature (though it warmed up later in the week with a new storm coming in) it meant the Big Tortoises had to go into their boxes in the garage on Monday.  Torts usually dig down to a spot that is deep enough to keep them at an even 55°F.  That depth is around five or six feet.  See, they do know how to carry on their lives.  The trouble is that it's solid rock about 2 feet down, and our little excavation master tanks can't GET down low enough.  We have the La Mesa Agglomerate to thank for this having to box them up.   The two remaining teeny babies will not be allowed to hibernate because they don't have enough bulk to survive.

Go to sleepy time!
A walk about over the weekend yielded this little surprise heart in the cement on a recent walk.  No, I did not shop this.  There it was, on the cement between my feet as I chugged slowly up the hill.  Like a vernal pool tender, I will not tell anyone where it is exactly.  I fear for it's safety.
Life can be very sweet
It's a sweet life, This heart and then like finding a topic on knitting the straights, on an Aran Sweater, after agonizing about being able to finish the blasted thing before I have that Last Ride in the little Square Truck, made my day.  If any of you are also in need of this knitting support, you will find the topic in Patterns forum at Ravelry.

See you tomorrow, unless I see you first.  just kidding!


  1. What you called Liquid Amber I know as a sweet gum tree. (a sour or black gum tree is also know as a pepperridge tree --as in the bakery company pepperridge farms) I had a pepperridge tree in my yard many years ago (last house vs apt i owned) and the street tree in front of the nieghbors was a sweet gum tree.

    they are beautiful trees. (and the gum balls, once emptied of seeds are pretty for fall decorations.

  2. We have gum trees out here but they are called Eucalyptus, too. I must look up the whole family. We also have a Sycamore tree out here, in fact a whole lot of them, that are similar. I love those big trees. Maybe a visit to Sycamore Canyon for pictures is a good idea. They really are beautiful trees, all the gums/Liquid Ambers. The gum balls make nice tiny wreaths if you stick them around in a circle. I bet there are more things on the web now. But that's what we do with them. Craft mania has struck at my house!


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