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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Tails, California Toad spotting, and bits of knitting blah blah


After Wolfie came to his forever home with us, he never chased a single cat, so we thought he was probably raised with them.  Or, maybe he had never seen them, or whatever.  But, we took him to my sister's house one day; down came Middy from his sleeping loft, and Wolfie lit out after him like a shot.
Wolfie's never chased another cat since.  So, maybe, that particular day Middy said something to Wolfie (we pathetically equipped humans couldn't hear any exchange) that Wolfie took offense at.  Or, maybe Middy gave Wolfie the cat equivalent of "the stinkeye".  They tolerate each other now, but just barely.  Middy does look a little like a panther.  Maybe Wolfie is still getting the stinkeye but we so vocally disapproved of his aggressive advances on a geriatric cat, that he's probably just wary of offending the Alphas.

While walking him on Sunday at a popular place, I heard someone say, "What a funny looking little dog"  I still think he's a very cute little dog, but he does need his winter coat to grow in. He isn't very black anymore.  He's sort of half bronze and half black.

Other animals:  Last night, late but before midnight, we found a toad on the cement driveway, walking towards the lights.  I heard two more in the tall grass, chirping.  We haven't been treated to the sight of any amphibians around here in years, though we have heard peepers, very late at night, in the most recent Spring.  It was a delight to see a California Toad  in our own yard. Another, closer look at Mr. Toad.  The last time we saw them was in Humboldt County, in the form of tiny toadlets infesting the rocks at the river's edge.  So Cute!.   I love the California Toad site, because it has a short recording of their vocals, which my toad friend, and his compadres, used to triangulate on, presumably, me.

Since joining a KAL sometime ago at Ravelry, I've had a raft of medical stuff happen, some pretty serious, which generated an urgency for a trip to see our DD's.  I missed my girls terribly.  So the knitting went North but also "went south" meaning it went all to heck and back!   Happily, I spent all my time fully engaged in family life.  But I also forgot "fran's ten minute rule", both then and more recently.  While trying to sort midden piles in the studios, there are two, and getting things in order so the DH and kids don't have to do it, the knitting got kicked to the curb, so to speak. 

But, now I'm starting to knit again and have gotten ready to cast on the fronts for Ele's sweater, and knit more on Bee's mitts.  I still haven't figured out where to block the Noro sweater, and am thinking I'll just start sewing it together without blocking it, and hope for the best.  I want to get all three done so that they can go home to their owners in January.

In the last week, I've walked a full mile down by the river twice and lost another pound.  Now, if I'd  just quit gaining pounds back, it would be nice!  Still going to fitness but quit the "lepin' 'n' hoppin' " class.  No more artificial joint ops for me, please!  By the time I finish just the walking my spine and hip are clicking away like Geiger counters.

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