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Friday, December 14, 2012

Real knitting content and Friday Fill -ins Fun. Sky Watcher Post

And...here we go! Yippie Skippie!

1. Oh, my , I stopped in to see what was in the Odd Ball Basket at my favorite LYS, and saw some amazing knitting needles; this was on Tuesday after we'd left for home following a Ceramics Christmas party get together; I do not want to want thoe amazing needles!!

2. I need to forget about them sooner, rather than later!

3. Buy one, get several tips and cords with them; snazzie right, but I wish I'd never laid eyes on them.

4. Today I found that last year I had bought two hats worth of angora yarns for myself - so I must think much more about the loads of stuff I already have, beads, yarns, sewing stuff, and knitting needles, and do it more to sew up and knit up this overburden of CRA(P)FT, absolutely, positively!

5. Soon, I'm going to bake Christmas cookies as there will be, as of tomorrow afternoon, 8 batches of cookie dough in the freezer; I love this winter holiday season, solstice and all.

6. Last night, my daughter called and as we were talking she exclaimed into the phone and sort of frightened me;  what she saw a very bright shooting star.  She said it was absolutely spectacular and beautiful.  What is it about shooting stars? Are they good omens, these shooting stars?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to deciding what yarn to use on a bunny pattern I found at the LYS - the one where those needles are; tomorrow my plans include mixing and freezing more batches of cookie dough, and later on we are  going to see my little nieces perform in some musical trios- if it isn't raining,  and Sunday, I want to find that angora yarn for the hats and start one, as well as find the perfect yarn for the soft, cuddly, Opal Sock Bunny!

This is one of the pictures that was in the pattern from Unicorn Books and Crafts.
I think this is a place that sells only wholesale, which is fine.  The good thing is that you can see all the pictures of "Opal," the Bunny on it.
Opal Sock Bunny, from the booklet I bought.  Sweet little BabĂ©
I usually stop in at the shop to look for Odd Balls when we are in the neighborhood, but there weren't any sock yarns.  I really don't even need anymore sock yarn, but this adorable little bunny was there on the table above the Odd Ball basket.  She is made from about a half 100gm ball. 

It rained, starting Wednesday, and coming home from my sister's house I took these snaps at the best sky shot places - those with no overhead wires.  I hate to shop those darn things out.  We were out there trying to find some white corded white LED lights for our little tree.  DH said, "We'll just have to go buy them at the Halloween Christmas stuff sale next year!"

Here's the big storm.  It was blowing in at record speed!  We received one day and one night of rain out of this one.  Wonderful!  It might not look like a desert here, but it really is a desert.

Up the hill and looking West Northwest.

Over the shopping center looking West

You all have a lovely weekend. Take any joy that comes your way, and keep it warm and close.

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