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Saint Augustine

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Komeekz, and Hook and Ladder for the Boys!

Happy Christmas, belated.

At fitness today, I was jokingly called a princess, so this made me think of this Bizarro, and yes, I am picking on Mr.B!  It's love you know. 

Actually it's because I think of myself as an "Off With Their Heads!" sort of monarch.  Lewis Carroll style marks for that, yes?

I was so excited to see this big fire truck!  I almost said, "OMG!! Ponies!"  These bring out the kid in me.

Aren't these bright Yellow Fire Engines just the Cat's a$$?


Make pictures Big!  It's Lovely!

We were on our way to Christmas dinner at my sister's house.   There was just four of us, so before Dinner we watched "Brave", then after dinner, another movie called "November Christmas", in which  a little girl named Emily played the main roll.  She looked so much like the Star from "Bones", also an Emily, that it really messed with my head!  Both are quite adorable.  Different color of eyes but almost identical ears!  I am in awe of those earrings on Brennan.  The whole female cast wears the most amazing Bling!
We had the roast beast and all the trimmings, too. 

Well that's enough.  I don't make such huge earrings anymore except as Christmas tree ornaments.  My earlobes would be hanging to my shoulders if I hadn't stopped wearing a pound a piece ear gear.

We had two days of sun.  I'm ready for more rain.  Onward to Sunday!  Kids coming Monday!  Yay!


  1. Enjoyed reading your post...and I am now your newest follower! Send some of those warm socal thoughts here to the northeast where it is bitter cold...brrr..LET IT SNOW, MAN!

    Peace out..

    1. Thank you, Hula-la! For both being my new follower, and for the Happy New Year wishes! Happy New Year back!

      I'm sending warm thoughts to you up there in the northeast quadrant! We got hail and rain today, again, from rolling squalls and T-Storms but no snow. We're hoping it clears up tonight though, as the kids are coming soon.

  2. Back in Buddha's time earlobes were long, as a sign of wealth. Not saying, just saying. My mother didn't want me to get my ears pierced, because my earlobes would get so long. She didn't realize that I would quit wearing earrings because they're too much work, all that taking out and putting in.

  3. So that's where it comes from! hehehe. You've made me re-think wearing monster earrings again, though that first set of holes are now, shall we say, slot-like. Lol about why you quit wearing earrings. The only thing I thing hard is trying to put studs in my ears, with long fingernails it is a CHORE and a half!

    Over time, I have gotten three sets of ear piercings. My sister laughs at me because I told her I would never get another piercing after our paternal auntie sort of defied Psycho Dad and did the first ones with the needle and bar of soap trick. I also told Sis she was crazy at the time she got her second set. Earrings are my favorite adornment. :-) Well, I like rings, too.


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