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Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday What nots...Five Minute Friday, some jewelry making, etc

if this ends up empty, it means I didn't get a chance to get back to it.

Friends in Colorado... I'm hoping that you are alright!  Sheesh!  Give me a shout out if you can.  I'll check other places to see about you.  BIG HUGS!

Five Minute Friday

Ok it's time for Five Minute Friday:

Today was my last session with a trainer, and hopefully he has taught me so well that there will be no slipped discs in my future, nor anymore cortisone shots in thumbs, OUCH!  He modified all the grips so that the thumbs, who complain even about a little too much knitting, have stopped the gripes they had with even holding a pencil for the crosswords!  The whiners! 

What else, lets see, I haven't thought about this because the first time that I sat down to write I got a frantic phone call, and I mean the INSSTANT I sat down, from a friend who wanted to borrow our tiny truck to haul some chairs from thither and yon.   I had to tell her sorry, but the truck was otherwise entailed.  This made me feel guilty, not because we owed a favor but because we are so close that I know the family can't afford the purchase.  I know more than I want to know about OPF - other people's finances!  This is not going to make any sense obviously I already know this.  So switching subjects, to guilt, why do children always pay a heavy price for their parent's problems and/or subsequent divorce?  They carry this unassigned guilt around with them in the form of depression for a long, long time.  This has been brought out in many ways but in one way we don't think of it is the hoarding of animals.  OK, I am watching Animal Hoarding, and so many of the people had truly horrid childhoods where they weren't loved enough.  I know this feeling, and can't go anywhere near an animal shelter site or I could easily have five or six dogs which is Illegal where I live.   *Ding*

This is five minutes. I never EVER get it right, the topic and all the other hoops, so I'm guessing this goes nowhere fast. 

I've made a piece that I like a lot both for the beauty of the two beads, and for it's symbolism.  It is for a dear friend:

Getting ready and deciding what to have in the strand.

All finished up, almost.....

The coil beneath the turquoise bear bead -which is the most beautiful one I've ever seen! - is now straightened back up to be flat, so it looks right, and the bead has moved up the connector.  I took this yesterday before I went back in with tiny chain pliers and made it right.   My friend is  a climber so the note on the Fakabiner is that it is "Not for climbing".  I knew he'd always be careful but I got a kick out of that little fakabiner.

The Spirit Bear Totem bead came from The Black Bead, which is a fabulous shop in Ocean Beach.  It was the only shop that had the right sized bear.  I truly love this shop!  Everyone who beads knows about this place.

The Montana Agate came from a shop that looks like the ones in Santa Cruz.   There are so many heart breaking closed bead shop stories for me to tell.  It's sad, and I don't want any more to close so please, if you are a local beader, give this one a look in.  It's called The Bouncing Bead, and is in a new location for this shop.   The Bouncing Bead has lovely, unusual beads, too, as you can see.  That is the "Walk with Beauty All Around You" bead.  It looks like a Saguaro in a sunset.  It's a lovely thing...

It's cooled off enough for me to entertain the thought of knitting again.   I really need to knit more for sanity.

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