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Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday, Tree

Five Minute Friday

Write as much as you can about the topic word, in five minutes.  Click on the graphic to join in.  It's fun!

Actually, I have little thought about the word Tree.   But the things themselves, well, trees are very alive to me, and I hate when they are cut down, and cut up and hauled away because they are always the biggest ones and leave a big hole in the sky when they are gone.  That let's the ugliness of the world intrude upon the eyes.  Things like big telephone poles and all their wires become more visible.  The birds that called the trees home are dispersed and sometimes they have nested there for five years.  But now they are all gone off to find other suitable places to have homes.

Trees, English Elm - the offspring of my mother's trees -  kept the walls of my house cool in the summer for 15 years before the two of them, gifts from my mother (and planted in coffee cans)  made their way to me one time that she made the trip to our house.  It was what mother had to give. 

Over the years we cut them back twice, one time putting out the bathroom window with a limb that I was supposed to hold in place - with a rope wrapped around my butt- and clear from the front yard.  The limb, when it fell, propelled me 7 feet to the north as it "got out of hand" in the back yard.

Mother's elms lived through being poisoned by an uphill neighbor who was trying to kill his own neighbor's trees.  But, since all the soil in any urban place is all connected, and we were down stream, so to speak, and he got the Elms.  They became so brittle that eventually the limbs started to crack.  But we saved them by flooding the soil with twice as much water that summer, flushing out the Round up.  This is why I wished we lived on such a big property that we could have trees that would never be at risk because someone was mad at someone else.

The trees brought every manner of bird into the yard.  They shaded all my Cymbidium orchids, and even fed them when their leaves dropped.


  1. I love that the trees you wrote about were a gift from your mother, started in coffee cans. What a beautiful gift!

  2. Trees do leave such a gap when they are gone! What wonderful little snippets about your mothers elms - special little everyday memories that add up to mean so much - thank you for sharing! Visiting from FMF.


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