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Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday whatnot...Rant on Bigotry, Bbox art, Fall Color in SoCal, and skywatcher. UPDATE to include ....

the no shopping on Thanksgiving button that is raging around facebook.

Here's the button:

Read about it HERE

Speaking of .....
Thanksgiving was part trial, part survival and part fun. I think I'm working in that soup kitchen next year.  I overate, due to not refusing dessert - which I should have done - because my inner turmoil was boiling away under the radar.

You see, I'm not very big on Bigotry.   Of course, it wasn't everyone there who was guilty but,  unhappily, it was several of the ones that I was cornered with.  God, give me strength!  We are never going to be a better country unless, and until, that UGLY little monster is buried in an unmarked grave.

There, I've had my say.

Now for something more fun:  A nearby city must have turned the artists loose on the B Boxes again, so there is something to look at besides boring brown or black square junk sticking up out of the ground and covered over with irritating graffiti.

I'm trying to get snaps of more of them on trips around the bigger streets.  Santa Cruz has theirs decorated all over the city, and since it's a city full of artists, theirs are truly works of art.  I'll post some of the ones I snapped pix of in Santa Cruz in the next post.

Fall Color is provided by the maturation of plantings around the cities, some of the trees being fully mature and some teensy.  At my sister's the trees are all big, and they are gorgeous.  Here is some curbside glory.  Sometimes beauty is laying right there at our feet.

The last storm left us with some of the most beauteous of sunsets:

We had rain today, in the early hours.  Yay!  We did not go out for Black Friday.  Hopefully we have no aging appliances that are just waiting for February to turn up their toes.   But!  But, it is cold for the SoCalians.  They, like their Reptilian Ancestors, need lots of heat to make it through the winter.

Isn't he/she pretty?
This picture comes from HERE, and you will like this blog just for all the very colorful photos and such.

Now, like the little reptile in the snap, I'm going to say Adios!  Sorry I just can't do Friday things.  Someday maybe I'll figure some of them out!


  1. When you run into bigots, maybe do like Mr. Rogers did; pat them on the shoulder and say, "God loves you just the way you are," and walk away smiling. Or change the subject, or whatever. I'm glad you survived. And I too, suffered the agony of too much to eat. I'm a little more restrained tonight!

    1. k, to be honest, that would have been the best thing to do.
      On the other hand, if there hadn't been some dear children there who would have been very upset, I would have burnt many bridges that night.
      I care for my nieces more than Life itself. The remarks made were highly offensive to them but no one in the family ever seems to take note, though I think the father of the girls does, and maybe the mother, my niece.. This has been going on for years, and I'm too old to do it again. I've had enough.


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