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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday. It's raining. And Christmas is rolling closer!

I hope the rain today helps put out the Big Sur Fire.  If you've ever seen that part of Big Sur, it is ruggedly handsome and full of big, old growth trees.  This is so bad.

Thankful Thursday goes back at least as far as 2001.
I don't know where to join up to a linky anymore.

However,  I was on Blogger today to say how very thankful I am.  Indeed I'm very thankful and grateful today.   DH's  mom is out of the hospital and staying at a place that she really likes.   My sister is feeling better after having a procedure that lessened her back pain.  We visited them both yesterday.   At my sister's complex there are at least five mature Magnolia trees, all of which are dropping their seed pods.  Sis and I collected a bunch of them, and mine are to make something similar to this...

Pic c/o of Joann.com site
First I'll have to construct the star frame.  So it's a next year project.  The cones in the picture above are not ones available to me here but Magnolia seedpods will be good substitutes, and they ARE available!

Christmas is going slowly.  One tree is up, though not decorated.   On Wednesday I went to JoAnn's armed with 50% off coupons and that dazzling coupon for 25% off both sale and regular priced things, and scored one of the Red Carriage lanterns I've been yearning for at 95% off!!  I grabbed that thing as soon as it got close enough to my outstretched arms.    heehee  It looks so nice with just a candle in it but of course, it's going to get some embellishment.

This angel was available-they still have some at the site- on Line.  She's flying all the way here from Michigan!  I bet her wings will be tired!

Pic is c/o of Joann.com

 I'm trying hard to get myself up for this holiday.  Can you tell?  I hope to make two refrigerator cookie doughs tomorrow.  And then two more on Saturday.  Then I'll have a bake fest on Sunday and Monday.   That will give me Tuesday to rest a little!  We have company over Christmas and New Year's.   More Cooks! 

I have so many things to be thankful for.    I'd better start digging out recipes!  Laters! 


  1. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/egg-to-turtle

    Thought of you.
    A blessed Christmas.

  2. Oh Sister Diana, that is so adorable! Thank you for showing the path to it, and thinking of me, too. May you also have a Blessed Christmas and much, much joy in the New Year. Take care, m'friend. :-)


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