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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tuesday Tails. though Honey Bees don't actually have them...

The mighty, and presumptively, godless Bayer is suing the European Union for having the audacity to ban Bayer's bee killing pesticide in Europe.  If you would like to join the affray - and fight for the bees- check out the side bar. 

The picture over and down yonder in the side bar links the so called "Debate".  There really is no debate.  The haggling will assure that there is no food, though.  It's not just honey bees going down, though they have died in their tiny billions.  

I have added the link to another group down where the rest of the bee info is in the side bar - under the Save the Bees Button.  That link takes you to a site that is gearing up to go head to head with big ass Bayer, who should absolutely know better than to do such a trashy thing,  when the suit comes to trial.

This is not political.  This is our entire Food Chain being defended here. In this fight, both the tiny bee, it's friends the "other" pollinators, and human beings are in it together.  No bees, no food.  Easy choice, ya think?

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